24 February 2011

Labor Pains

This made my day today.

This poor guy never really got close to the real thing, and he certainly didn't last very long, but you gotta give him big props for trying.  It was a worthy effort.

No man could ever feel or understand, though, the most painful part of childbirth -- the actual birth.  The pushing, pushing, pushing!  The crowning!  Keep pushing!  Without an epidural, THAT is pain.  I've done it twice, thank you, and I much preferred the epidural the third time!

Watch and laugh.  Women are warriors!  Mommas are warriors!

09 February 2011

An Open Letter to Our Government: Abolish the Slavery of Abortion

at Catholic Online

“Let us not despair; it is a blessed cause, and success, ere long, will crown our exertions. Already we have gained one victory; we have obtained, for these poor creatures, the recognition of their human nature, which, for a while was most shamefully denied. This is the first fruits of our efforts; let us persevere and our triumph will be complete. Never, never will we desist till we have wiped away this scandal from the Christian name, released ourselves from the load of guilt, under which we at present labour, and extinguished every trace of this bloody traffic, of which our posterity, looking back to the history of these enlightened times, will scarce believe that it has been suffered to exist so long a disgrace and dishonour to this country.”
William Wilberforce,
speech before the House of Commons, 18 April 1791

To President Obama, Honorable Members of Congress, and the Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States:

I’ve recently watched the inspiring film, Amazing Grace, which recounts the tireless efforts of William Wilberforce to end the evil of the slave ships.  For decades he fought to bring an end to the disgrace, the murder of thousands upon thousands of African men, women and children, who were forcibly brought to England by way of cruel and torturous ships; ships on which most of them died a horrible death.  He spent his youth and health struggling to raise the conscience of his countrymen until they would finally recognize the unspeakable injustice being inflicted on fellow human beings.

I was absolutely gobsmacked at the irony, the bitter realization that the very same battle for humanity depicted in this film is still being fought today.

It’s true.  Slavery is alive and well in America.  What we thought we had abolished in 1863 was resurrected just over a century later.  It came to us disguised and called itself “privacy” at first; later it simply became “choice.”  It came as an angel of light, and has wrought the most terrible darkness on our nation.

We have made our children slaves.  They are slaves to our convenience; slaves to our greed; slaves to our ambition; slaves to our insatiable sexual appetites; slaves to our self-interest; slaves to our irresponsibility.  Abortion is a merciless and bloody master and the preborn child is its slave.

The slave ships of today resemble doctor’s offices and clinics, but they are vessels of torturous death nonetheless.  Our tiniest children are dismembered and suctioned from the womb; they are stabbed in the heart or the head; and if these methods of execution somehow fail, the “unwanted” is simply left to die unattended.

Our actions today are different from the evil of the slave ships in one important, noteworthy manner:  they are even more despicable because the human beings we disregard are our own flesh and blood, our own offspring, our own innocent, defenseless children.  We cannot claim ignorance or disinterest or the inability to protect them.  We are bound to them eternally, and we owe them eternally.

Unlike the “poor creatures” Wilberforce fought for, however, our babies have not yet even been recognized as fully human.  We’ve come to regard them as property, to be purchased at will and disposed of at will.  If for any reason, they are found to be defective or too bothersome, or we deem them unwanted, we simply rid ourselves of the burden.  They are abandoned and literally thrown away like trash; or left to drown in toilets despite Safe Haven laws; they are considered sub-human; an “it.”  Can you not see?  When children are thought to be disposable, they will be more frequently discarded!

We can no longer deny them the dignity of their humanity.  We can no longer content ourselves with invented distinctions like “viability” and “quality of life.”  We cannot go forward in the deception that full humanness is somehow magically endowed at birth and absent before. 

The trickery of euphemisms can no longer suffice.  Our modern science gives us the true picture and reveals to us what we’ve stubbornly refused to acknowledge – the child in the womb is as human as we are, is alive and distinct, an individual person deserving of life.  All the euphemisms in the world cannot provide a comfortable justification for an act of violence against the most innocent.

There is no honor in sacrificing a child’s life for the sake of privacy or autonomy.  No man or woman has the right to make such a “choice.”  Stop being hypnotized by legal-speak and see the child!  He is you; she is me; they are us there in the womb.  If humanity is qualified as a function of intelligence, or utility, or size and development, then we are an inhumane race.

Men in America have been allowed, taught and in many cases forced to walk away from their responsibilities as fathers.  The “choice” of abortion has robbed many good men of fatherhood and been a handy excuse for too many cads and cowards.  Even worse, it has turned mother and child into enemies. 

It’s time the bar was raised once again to its proper height and that the adults grew up and behaved as adults again.  We’ve allowed our reckless sexual wants to control us rather than controlling them.  Everything now must be sacrificed on that addictive altar, including our babies.

But that is not how free and honorable people treat their children.  Parents give their lives for their children; we do not take their lives for our own.  Life goes forward, not backward.  Parents are obligated toward their children and we owe them the life which they have been endowed by their Creator.

The present-day evil empire that most threatens us is right within our own borders, built by our own hands.  A billion-dollar industry has morphed and exploded from a “penumbra, formed by emanations.”  Killing our preborn children has become a wildly profitable enterprise.  It will ultimately be our downfall.  We’ll surely drown in blood.

Why has the United States lost the instinct to protect her youngest citizens?  How is it possible that the nation forged by the unalienable right to life can willfully deny life to future generations?  How can we call it “freedom” to “terminate” the powerless?

You have the power, this very day, to end the scourge of abortion on demand in America.  You have the power, this very day, to protect the rights of our children to be born.  You have the power, this very day, to uphold the humanity of every child in the womb.  If you refuse to do it, it is not because you lack the understanding or the means, but because you lack honor, honesty and the will.

I dare each one of you today to live up to the “Honorable” in your title.  Have the decency to admit the tragic and irreparable mistake we have now lived for nearly 40 years and have the courage to set it right.  Let this Congress not pass into history without abolishing the slavery of abortion.

Then once you have secured the right to life of every American citizen, expend yourselves in rebuilding a society where every child is welcomed and cared for.  Focus the energy of America on restoring the strength and dignity of the family.  Prove to the worried pregnant mother that she is not alone and join with those in her community who are there to offer hope and real help.  Take the hundreds of millions of dollars formerly poured into destroying human life and invest it protecting and caring for those lives instead.

Stop wasting time and money on politically-correct and useless endeavors and actually educate our children.  Stop condemning them to failing schools and crime-ridden neighborhoods.  Stop lining your own pockets and securing your own re-election and actually enable our states to provide health care for every citizen.  Stop creating one set of laws and benefits for yourselves and another for everyone else.  You are not kings and queens; you are servants in the People’s house. 

But first, before any of these urgent needs can be satisfactorily met, you must guarantee the Right to Life of every child.  We who recognize the humanity of the child in the womb will never give up until the laws of our nation also acknowledge it.  As Wilberforce rightly said, “Never, never will we desist till we have wiped away this scandal from the Christian name, released ourselves from the load of guilt, under which we at present labour, and extinguished every trace of this bloody traffic, of which our posterity, looking back to the history of these enlightened times, will scarce believe that it has been suffered to exist so long a disgrace and dishonour to this country.”

Wilberforce’s friend, the slaveship captain haunted by the “20,000 ghosts” of the souls he killed, mournfully exclaimed to him, “We were apes.  They were human!”  So must we come to the same realization:  They are our children!  They are human!  We are heartless animals as long as we continue to slaughter them.

We’ve no business imploring the blessings of God on our country until we cease in this evil.  You, our leaders, must put an end to it now.

02 February 2011

Planned Parenthood Preys on Minor Girls: Video Shows Them Abetting Sex Trafficking

at Catholic Online

There can be no further doubt about the depths to which Planned Parenthood will sink for the sake of profit and abortion.  There seems to be nothing they won’t do; no law they won’t bend or try to circumvent; no child they will not exploit, no baby they won’t kill.  They revel in the lucrative benefits of the sexploitation of young girls and the blood money of abortion.

Lila Rose and LiveAction.org released video this week of their recent Planned Parenthood sting, and it is shocking to watch.  Now we know PP employees will also knowingly aid in the sex trafficking of young girls. 

In the video, a man and a woman posing as a pimp and a prostitute entered a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey, explained that they were “sex workers” and say there’s a group of girls that they “manage” who need treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases.  He admits the girls are young, fifteen or fourteen years-old, and that they “don’t speak English cause they’re not even from here.”

Without missing a beat, office manager Amy Woodruff happily explains what PP can do for them, and assures him that “minors are always accepted without parental consent.”  She cautions the pimp, however, to be careful how much information they divulge:  “The only thing is you have to be careful, if they are a minor we are obligated if we hear certain information.”  She tells the pimp that if a translator is needed, the girls need to understand that they can’t reveal their age or the ages of their sexual “partners.”  She advises the pimp to have the girls lie about their age if they are under fifteen so PP won’t be obligated to report the sex abuse to the authorities.

“You know, me and my other counselor, like for the most part, we want as little information as possible.”  She explains that the girls should say their “partner” is the same age as they are.  “So, even if they lie and just say, ‘Oh, he’s the same age as me.  Fifteen.’  So you know like if they’re mainly fourteen and under we have to.  It doesn’t matter if their partner’s the same age, younger, whatever. Fourteen and under we have to report.  Once they get to fifteen then there’s a little bit more play room.  So as long as they just lie and say, ‘Oh, he’s fifteen, sixteen.’  Then we just kind of play stupid.”

When the pimp asks Woodruff what happens if the girls are fourteen and need an abortion, she quickly reassures him that’s a different story, then seems to think better of her words.  She seems to realize that there would still be an obligation to report and thinks of another option for the pimp.  She reaches for a piece of paper on her desk and says, “You never got this from me.  Just to make all our lives easier.  If they’re fourteen and under just send ‘em right there if they need an abortion.”  [laughs]

The clinic she’s referring to is Metropolitan Medical Association, an abortion clinic that apparently asks fewer questions than even PP.  She explains, “They (the girls) won’t need ID.  They’re gonna be a little bit more different but their protocols aren’t as strict as ours and they don’t get audited the same way that we do.”  She emphasizes again that this is only for girls fourteen and under.  “So pregnancy – fourteen.  Like this is for fourteen and under I’m saying.  Once they hit fifteen it’s kind of a whole different, like, playing field with the age and New Jersey guidelines.”

Then she gets them a copy of a sheet listing minor’s rights in order to help the pimp protect himself.  “So you already kind of know before you get into any situation.  Like, ‘Oh, alright, you know let’s not do it this way, let’s go this way, you know, that kind of stuff.”

“I use this as my Bible,” Woodruff laughs.  “Cause no matter what you get so many parents and I mean, like you understand where they’re coming from, but it’s like, ‘Oh, but she’s a minor.’  Okay, yeah, so? [laughs] She’s still entitled to care without mom knowing what the hell’s going on.”

Woodruff also tells the pimp to simply have the girls say they are students when they fill out the paperwork for their exam.  “If they’re a minor just tell them to put down that they’re students.”

“Students?” asks the pimp.

“Yeah.  Just kinda play along that they’re students.  We wanna make it look as legit as possible.”

The pimp and prostitute imply that they like Woodruff and feel they can trust her, and she reciprocates by telling them to make sure they deal with her only when they come back with the girls.  “So the whole thing is with me we already know.  I see you.  We already know we’re gonna kind of alter the story and kinda see what we can do to kinda tweak the information.”

The pimp then asks her what happens afterward if one of the girls needs an abortion.  Woodruff says the girl will need two weeks to recover before she can have sex again.  The pimp asks her for suggestions about what they can do in the meantime, “Cause they still gotta make money, you know?”

Incredibly, Woodruff replies, “Waist up.”

“Waist up?” asks the pimp.

She repeats, “Waist up.  Or just be that extra action walking by.”

Planned Parenthood received $363 million dollars of taxpayer money last year under Title X.  In New Jersey alone, they received $7.5 million dollars.  It is time to demand that our Congress acts now to defund Planned Parenthood permanently.  They greedily prey on our children, either killing them in the womb, or exploiting, corrupting, and abandoning them to the depravity of sexual slavery and abuse.  Is this an entity you want to finance?

The pro-life heroes in the U.S. have known for decades that PP is not an altruistic organization committed to women’s health, no matter what fanciful yarn their public relations folks spin.  PP’s survival depends on promiscuity and all the disease that goes along with it.  Most important to their bottom line, of course, are all those pesky “unplanned and unwanted” pregnancies that simply must be “terminated.”  Abortion is their cash cow.

Let this newest revelation remove all doubt that Planned Parenthood is thoroughly invested in the moral, sexual, and physical destruction of our children.  We cannot continue to allow it.

Amy Woodruff has been fired and Planned Parenthood is working overtime to repair its image.

Contact your Representatives and urge them to pass the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act now.

Kill the Baby, Endanger the Mother: All in a Day's Work for a Late-term Abortionist

at Catholic Online

Meet James Pendergraft, convicted felon and owner of five abortion clinics in the state of Florida.  His medical license is currently on its 4th suspension, but that has hardly deterred him. On his website, LateTermAbortion.net, he reveals his current method of circumventing the system to kill babies in the 2nd and 3rd trimester (greater than 24 weeks), leaving others to clean up after him.

At his office in the DC-area, the address and location of which he will not disclose even to women seeking his “services,” he specializes in abortion by intra-cardiac injection.  Guided by a sonogram image, he uses a spinal needle to stab the baby in the heart and inject a lethal dose of a “feticide agent” or 50 cc’s of air in order to stop the child’s heart.  This “procedure” takes from 2 to 4 minutes to complete.  The website reports that the woman is able to go home within 15 minutes of the “procedure.”

You may be wondering what happens next.  Now carrying a dead baby, the woman must take herself back to either her regular OB/GYN, family doctor, or head to the emergency room so that someone else can complete “the evacuation of the uterus.”

Pendergraft only wants to do the execution; he leaves the rest to the woman and whatever doctor she can find.  His website carefully explains that payment for his “services” is only accepted via electronic bank transfer of funds.  While he does not specify a dollar amount, he lists “unlimited phone consultation, the time spent at the LateTermAbortion.net facility, the sonogram, lab testing, counseling, recovery and administrative fees including travel costs.”  He explains that this intra-cardiac injection is not a simple “procedure” and thus, very few doctors are trained in how to do it.  He, of course, is highly trained in this specialized method of execution, and undoubtedly, it ain’t cheap.

Women who make an appointment are instructed: “On your day of arrival, you will be told of a designated area to meet based on when you arrive to the D.C. area by plane, train, car, or other form of transportation. That individual will pick up you and your significant other up as there will be only one other person to come with you to the facility due to privacy and security issues for the patient and staff.” [sic]

When the “procedure” is over and the woman is ready to leave, she is given a post-op packet “with instructions on how to care of yourself until you follow-up with your personal physician or the proper referral where the evacuation of the uterus will be carried out.” [sic]

Pendergraft details what can happen if the abortion isn’t completed in a timely-enough manner:  “Generally when most fetuses die in utero, there are enzymes released that cause an inflammatory reaction to occur which leads to labor which is followed by delivery of the tissue. The problem is if you do not go into labor for a few days, not only can the patient's blood become severely infected, but this can lead to a clotting disorder where the patient's blood does not clot, severe low blood pressure, bleeding constantly from needle sticks, internal bleeding, multiple organ failure which can lead to maternal death. This is nothing that should be taken lightly. Therefore once the intra-cardiac injection is complete, there is no turning back. The remainder of the procedure must be carried out as pre-planned.”

He makes certain he gets his money up front, carries out the execution, then sends the mother off to have the abortion completed somewhere else, by someone else, and removes himself from any liability, complication, or even maternal death that may result. 

The most obvious scenario is this:  the woman goes to her local emergency room and says her baby has stopped moving.  They do an ultrasound that shows no heartbeat and tell her the baby has died.  Now an unsuspecting doctor begins to induce labor and deliver the child, not knowing how the baby died.  If this doctor believes in the sanctity of human life and chooses not to take innocent life through abortion, he has now been deceived into unwittingly completing an abortion against his conscience.  The hospital either bills the woman’s insurance for the extensive costs of induced labor and delivery, or the taxpayers pick up the tab. 

The mother’s recovery care, including any complications resulting from the abortion, is not anything Pendergraft cares to concern himself with.  It’s now up to the doctor and/or hospital who completed the abortion Pendergraft started, and they will probably not even know what situation they’re actually dealing with.

Pendergraft, like Kermit Gosnell, is nothing more than a butcher who preys on babies and women for profit.   It was in Pendergraft’s clinic, Orlando Women’s Center, where baby Rowan was aborted alive and left to die.  In 2005, a pregnant woman delivered her baby alive in a toilet.  Baby Rowan lived for 11 minutes.  Despite his mother’s pleas for help, staff at OWC refused to help the child.  911 tapes revealed that the staff also refused to allow baby Rowan’s mother to use their phone to call an ambulance.  (So much for obeying the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which was signed into law in 2002.) Baby Rowan’s story was documented in the drama, 22 Weeks.

No criminal investigation into baby Rowan’s death was ever done, and Pendergraft has continued doing late-term abortions in Florida and now in D.C.   His website assures women that at his D.C.-area office the intra-cardiac injection is perfectly legal, though he adds this qualifying statement:  “Though it is being called a Late Term Abortion Facility, it actually is not by Florida or most other State's definition of abortion.”

Since there are no dead babies actually delivered in his office, he claims it’s not really an abortion facility.  How convenient for him.  Like a secret hitman, he does the kill and then pushes the two victims out the door to be someone else’s problem while he counts his cash.

James Pendergraft, champion of “choice.”


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