27 July 2011

Fr. Paul Schenck on Marriage in New York

I've met Fr. Paul Schenck in person and heard his story.  To say it is inspiring and amazing is a pitiful understatement.  This wonderful priest is an unspeakable gift to the Church in this age.  He's written an excellent article about New York's same-sex marriage fiasco at Catholic Online.  It's worth a read:

Last Sunday's same sex "marriage" registrations are being hailed as a victory for civil rights and what is now widelycalled "marriage equality" by homosexual equivalency activists, whatever that phrase means.

I see something very different at work in the hundreds of "marriages" of male to male and female to female couples before misguided clergy, politicians and state bureaucrats.

I don't doubt that many, if not most of the couples love one another, at least in a limited understanding of that essential word which lies at the heart of the very meaning of life...

One of the roots problems with "same sex marriage" as I see it is that it is a fatally flawed attempt to recover meaning in marriage within a society that has lost confidence in the ancient human ritual and arrangement which lies at the very foundation of human society.

Marriage was in deep trouble long before anyone suggested granting government licenses to two men or to two women... 
Do read it all.

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