07 June 2011

Relevant Radio and Girl Scouts

Had a great time today talking with Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio about the Girl Scout quandry.  Should Catholic families continue to be involved with Girl Scouts?

I've made my opinion known a few times, and you can read it here.

A few more links on the subject:
LifeSite News
Bishop Conley cautions parents about Girl Scouts

This continues to be a touchy subject in many communities.  I, for one, would love to see Catholic parishes really throw their support behind Little Flowers Girls Club.  I just don't know if Girl Scouts can be restored to their original vision.  I understand the desire to fight for change from within, and not walk away in defeat, but these are our daughters.  They are vulnerable and naive.  It's one thing for adults to do battle with the culture and work to transform organizations and people, but it's another thing to use our children for that task.

So there's my two cents'.  What say you?


Therese said...

I agree with you Jen. I would love to talk with Drew. Before we had ewtn here, my hubby listened to Drew regularly over the internet.

Anonymous said...

Jen, Is there a link to your segment. I would love hear it! Peace of Christ ~ Christy Volanski

Anonymous said...

I found it the link to the .mp3: http://relevantradio.streamguys.us/Asx%20Files/DM%20Archive/DM20110607c.asx Thank you for standing for the truth and protecting our girls!

happymomonline said...

Agreed! Why don't our schools stand behind the Little Flowers? Most don't even know what the Girl Scouts support/stand for. Our parish school has a chapter of the girl scouts, but no Little Flowers club...how does that make sense?

I get tired of people saying that we need our kids to be "lights" for the culture at large. They are children and very vulnerable and easily influenced. Parents need to protect children and teach them the difference between right and wrong (and yes, there still is a right and wrong regardless of what the world at large preaches) It really is the responsibility of the parents to stand up for and support what is best for our children, and I'm pretty sure it's not the Girl Scouts of America.


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