26 June 2011

Flash Mob, Eucharist Style

Absolutely fantastic.

I noticed as I watched that most of the people who stopped to kneel were older.  The young people stood around, absorbed in their cell phones, or smirking and laughing.  They seemed oblivious to Who was in their midst.  They were ignorant.  Clearly, there is much evangelizing to do.

I was also amazed that no police or security came over to stop the monks.  God bless those holy men for doing this.  I'd love to see this in every public square in America, wouldn't you?

"Come and kneel before Him now."


happymomonline said...

I am smiling - thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with us!

Elizabeth said...

Did you notice the sweet young boy who went right up front? There were other young people...they are our future! God Bless them all.
Beautiful Litany wsn't it?


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