21 March 2011

Candy Goodness

I wish I had known about this site years ago!  I'm very excited to have found a Natural Candy Store online!  Lots of candies made without corn syrup and artificial, chemical dyes!  Wahoo!  Yummy Earth lollipops are already kid-tested in this house and they're a hit.

Now, I'm not all that "green" and there's no shortage of sweets in my house.  Won't deny that.  Yet I still am looking for ways to get rid of chemicals and artificial junk.  Keep it as natural as possible, please.  I've switched to some good natural cleaning products, I add ground flax seed to my chocolate chip cookies, I make homemade mac-n-cheese with pureed carrots and sweet potatoes (shhh! my kids don't know that), and a few other things like that.  I try to sneak in some goodness and get rid of some toxic crap wherever I can.

So I'm very happy to find this Natural Candy Store.  More yummy candy, less guilt and worry!  Everybody wins.  Guess where I'm getting my Easter candy this year?  (Got that, Bunny?)

1 comment:

Dirtdartwife said...

Great site!!!! I just ordered some candy for Easter!!!


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