24 February 2011

Labor Pains

This made my day today.

This poor guy never really got close to the real thing, and he certainly didn't last very long, but you gotta give him big props for trying.  It was a worthy effort.

No man could ever feel or understand, though, the most painful part of childbirth -- the actual birth.  The pushing, pushing, pushing!  The crowning!  Keep pushing!  Without an epidural, THAT is pain.  I've done it twice, thank you, and I much preferred the epidural the third time!

Watch and laugh.  Women are warriors!  Mommas are warriors!


Michelle said...

Love it. I'll have to share this one.

helenshabitat said...

That is really funny! I'm always telling my husband that I have a high tolerance for pain and I hate to complain about it so when I say I'm in pain it's pretty bad!


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