19 November 2010

Little Star, Big Gift

Perhaps the greatest strength of a good children's book is its ability to communicate complex or grown-up ideas in the most simple and utterly profound way.

That's what Anthony DeStefano has done with his newest book, Little Star.  It's both the essence of Christmas and the essence of Good Friday all in one irresistible package.

An unlikely little star gives all he can give out of love for a tiny king... and we are all reminded of the difference a selfless, loving sacrifice can make.  It's the Christmas story like you've never heard it told before.  Whether 2 or 92, Little Star is a book you'll love to read Christmas after Christmas, silent night after silent night.  And when you look up at the brightest star in the sky on that holy night, you'll smile in a brand new way.

You can purchase this delightful book on Amazon.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the recommendation! It sounds like a wonderful book.

Sandy Cooper said...

Oh! I'm going to be reviewing this book next week. :) Isn't it sweet?

Dirtdartwife said...

Will have to check this book out and probably add it to our Christmas reading. We *LOVE* Jotham's Journey every year too. So this sounds like it might be added! Thanks!


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