12 September 2010


"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good."

I Praise the Lord today for my country.  Though it grows increasingly wicked each passing day, it is still the Land I love, where my family and I live in greater freedom than any other place on earth.  Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and turn our hearts back to You.

For the courage and heroism of all those who died 9 years ago this weekend.  I re-read their stories yesterday and watched the videos of all the horror and vowed once again to never forget.

For every man and woman in uniform today, serving in hostile territory, facing a very real threat of death.  I thank God for each one of them and beg His constant protection for them.  God grant them a swift victory and bring them home safely.

I'm thankful today for those public servants who still serve with honor and integrity.  I'm praying for the man God will raise up to lead our nation out of the hellhole we're in.  Thy will be done, Lord.

For the clouds in the sky giving relief from the hot sun, the rain, a quiet day to be lazy at home, setting up "Mom's Beauty Salon" with my girls (pink nails all around!), a good mocha, some chocolate chip cookies... for all of this, thank You, Lord.

Please join me in giving Praise to God today for the blessings in your life!  Link up below.
Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!

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Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Thanks for this beautiful post and for hosting this meme which brings me closer to God each week!
Your beauty salon time sounds FUN!


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