29 August 2010


Praises have been absent for a few weeks due to vacations and computer problems, but Praise is back today!

"Gladness of heart is the life of a man, and the rejoicing of a man is length of days.  Delight your soul and comfort your heart..."  Sirach 30:22-23

I want to Praise God today for what He is teaching me and His methods.  When the Lord corrects, He is gentle and loving and there is not shaming guilt or discouragement.  Instead, He actually draws me to come nearer to Him, not run away.  Even as He shows me my own smallness of heart and lack of charity, He reminds me that He is mercy and He loves me.

Praise God for the new school year and the start of our family's homeschool adventure!  I'm excited, a little nervous, a little overwhelmed, but I have no doubt it is the right thing for my children.  I am depending on the Lord to make up for all I lack (which is a lot!).  God bless the Hartline Academy!

For my best friend in this world, my husband.  Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of him.

For the giggly, rambunctious, pig-tailed girls who are the greatest thing I could ever do with my life.  Lord, may I be a worthy example to them.

For pajama days!

For chocolate chip cookies baked on pajama days!

For quiet moments on the deck at night, watching the stars come out, listening to the crickets, and growing ever more impatient for autumn.

Thank God above that summer is almost over!!!!  At least according to the calendar.  Now, if only the weather would figure it out and cool it down several notches...

If you've stopped by today, I hope you'll join me in giving Praise to God for all He has done and for Who He Is!
God bless you!

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Sarah said...

Congratulations on taking the BIG step in homeschooling your children! We are taking this school year to discern if the Lord is calling us to homeschool our children. So, I know how you're feeling! I will pray for you.


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