04 August 2010

Favorite Catholic Devotions

I've been tagged.  It's a good tag, so I'll play along.

5 Favorite Catholic Devotions

1. Adoration
2. Divine Mercy Chaplet in song (the newer version)
3. Rosary
4. The Angelus (this is a new prayer in my life recently, but I am loving it already)
5. Quiet prayer with a St. Francis de Sales book, and Night Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours.

So, who shall I tag?

And what are your favorites?  Do tell.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Jennifer, thanks for thinking of me!

So here a few of my favorite devotions...

1 . Eucharistic Adoration (He is always first!)

2. Holy Rosary
(especially Sat mornings at the Missionaries of Charity soup kitchen)

3. The Divine Office
(maybe not a devotion, but I am devoted to it)

4. Late night reading of the Thomas Merton's journals.
* I am close to Merton, he was very human, like me. I think I am a closet Trappist

5. Monthly meeting with my spiritual director (who is a Friar of the Renewal)
* and praying Compline with the brothers

6. Evening prayer with my "diaconate" class brothers
(before our Monday and Tuesday night classes)


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