14 July 2010

Reviewing the New "Sex-ed" Agenda: Battle is On in Montana and Across America

from Catholic Online

Parents across America, are you paying attention?  Does your 5 year-old daughter know what a penis and scrotum are?  Does your 5 year-old son know what a vagina and nipples are?  Do you think they need to?  Before long, it may not matter what you think or what you want, because Sex-ed across this country is rapidly changing and the committees forming the new curriculum don't care what you think.

If the school board in Helena, Montana has their way, the sex education will begin in Kindergarten.  Their 62-page Health Maintenance and Enhancement curriculum has many parents rightfully furious over what they intend to teach the students about sexuality.  Once again, the state is placing themselves squarely between parents and their own children.

The first red flag I saw when reading this new proposed curriculum was their adopted position on “The Whole Child.”  What is a “whole child” according to their definition? A “whole child” is:
· intellectually active
· physically, verbally, socially, & academically competent
· empathetic, kind, caring, & fair
· creative & curious
· disciplined, self-directed, & goal oriented
· free
· a critical thinker
· confident
· cared for & valued

Many of these traits on the list sound so good. However, we live in an age which requires that we scrutinize so much of what sounds good.  Four little letters jumped off the page at me:  free.  That has become a very loaded term these days, laden with a hidden agenda where sexuality is concerned.  Next, I noticed the screenings they intend to offer to support the “whole child.”  I saw that for grades 9-12 they offer “Teen Screen.”  Hmmm... what might that include?  They don't specify, but curiously, it's optional.  Perhaps contraception available upon request?  Testing for STD's?  Pregnancy tests?  Clinic referrals?

On to the proposed instruction:  beginning in 2nd grade, the children are taught that “family structures differ” and that “most people who marry intend the relationship to be lifelong” and that “individuals and families have a variety of values as it pertains to sexual behaviors.”  Then in 3rd grade, it is taught that “there are a variety of reasons why people may end a committed relationship.”

The message is clear:  Family doesn't mean Mom and Dad anymore; sexual values are for each person to decide for themselves; marriage is not required, only a “committed relationship” and even that may end for a number of reasons.  Nothing is concrete or stable.

In 1st grade, the kids will be taught to “understand human beings can love people of the same gender & people of another gender.”  It's clear that their intent is not simply to teach about familial love between siblings, relatives, etc., but to teach about sexual and romantic love between two men or two women because in 2nd grade, the instruction is about the harm caused by calling people names such as “fag,” “homo,” and “queer.”

By 5th grade, the homosexual indoctrination is direct:  “Understand sexual orientation refers to a person's physical and/or romantic attraction to an individual of the same gender and/or different gender, and is part of one's personality.”

By 7th grade, the students are taught they have the legal right to an abortion, as well as sterilization and contraception.  The brief mention of abstinence is simply to define the term: “Understand that sexual abstinence means choosing not to engage in sexual activities.”   In grades 9-12, students examine erotic images in art and how they reflect society's views about sexuality.  They will also “evaluate the progression of reliability of various contraceptive methods from the most reliable to the least reliable” and “analyze and discuss the psychological effects of abortion.”

The biggest concern here beyond the content of the material is who is doing the teaching.  The curriculum states the instruction is given by a Health Teacher or “Health Care speakers.”  Who might these speakers be?  A very reasonable guess would be Planned Parenthood staff, because – surprise! – PP staff members were part of the committee who designed this Montana curriculum.

How do you suppose a PP staffer might describe the psychological effects of abortion?  What do you think a PP staffer would say about contraceptive methods, which for them include abortion?  And of course,  there's no mention of the fact that there are serious physical consequences of abortion, most importantly, the death of the baby, because that's not the agenda here. The agenda is to promote sex, promote contraception, and promote abortion “rights” to a new generation of Planned Parenthood clients.

We are pushing little children into a very adult world not because it serves them, but because it serves our hedonistic society.  It serves a culture which is now inarguably devoted exclusively to promoting unrestricted, indulgent, consequence-free sex.

To say that young children must now be taught explicit details of sexuality in order to “protect” them is perverted.  Suddenly, protection now equals vanquishing a child's innocence as early as humanly possible.  (What's next?  Sex-ed as part of a state-mandated potty-training course for two year-olds?)  It's not normal or healthy for young children to be so knowledgeable about sex and shoving this information at them when they're only still learning their letters and numbers is abusive.

There is much more than Sex-ed here, much more than information and understanding.  At the heart of this instruction is something corrupt and sinister.  The underlying intent here is to train children to become obsessed with sex.  It's teaching children to see everything in their lives through the lens of sex and regard each other as sexual objects.  The goal is to make sure they embrace the abortion “rights” doctrine wholeheartedly as well as the “equivalency” of homosexual “marriage.”  The intent is to train them to abandon their modesty, purity, and sense of sanctity. 

I say the intent here is sinister because this is spiritual by nature.  This is Satan at work, and those who do not recognize that are frightfully naïve and complicit by their unwillingness to fight against it.  The spiritual ignorance, the moral apathy of those who are advancing this curriculum out of some moronic notion of health and well-being is all that's necessary for the enemy of our souls to have his way with our children.

First, Satan convinced us it was perfectly justified and right to kill our children in the womb; it was a necessary component of our freedom as individuals.  He persuaded us to abandon our most vulnerable neighbors and execute them for some “greater good.”  With that firmly entrenched in our collective hearts, he began convincing us that sex should have no boundaries or moral requirements at all; it's simply a healthy expression of who you are as a person, and such expression must be discovered early on and experienced as often as possible, in as many ways as possible in order to be happy.

Lucifer, coming disguised as “enlightenment” and “tolerance” and “freedom” has successfully captured our youngest children, and will bring us to total ruin because our instinct to protect them from evil has been silenced.  We've proven that we will kill them in the womb if they get in our way.  It's not a giant leap to then start programming them from toddlerhood to be sexual beings rather than human beings.  We've consented to being stripped of our humanity and inherent worth.  Now the children whose siblings and peers we executed in-utero must be trained to toe the line.  And the father of lies just smiles...

The battle is on all across the country for our children's minds, bodies and souls.  The idea that abstinence should be encouraged is now laughed out of consideration.  Kids grow up not knowing what it means for a man and woman to commit to each other in marriage for life.  They're not encouraged to exercise self-control or to value their own sexual purity, let alone anyone else's.  They're continually told through every avenue of media and entertainment that life without sex is meaningless and human life can be destroyed to serve their purpose.  Inevitably, they will grow up to treat each other accordingly and their relationships will be entirely superficial, self-centered and predatory. 

We must fight back with the truth that we are made in the image and likeness of God; we are created male and female by Divine design to complement each other; sexual intercourse is a beautiful and holy gift meant to be shared between husband and wife; all human life is inherently sacred from conception to natural death.  That is the truth written on every human heart and the world needs the Church – that's us – to step up boldly and proclaim it.

Pray for the parents and children in Helena, Montana.  By the way, what's happening in your town?


Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I could not agree with you more! It is a crime, this sexualization of little children. Planned Parenthood should be ashamed, but of course, the whole aim of their business is to have more clients. Sex is what they are selling, and the fact that they are selling to children should make them criminals. Instead, they are given credibility by the state and the educrats! Sinister is right. Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Please know that I so appreciate your web site and your involvement in helping to expose the terrible curriculum content in the Montana school. No child needs to be taught many of these lurid details being forces upon them by adults. This country needs to realize that we must protect our children, and I am so thankful to you for your informative and helpful web site. Your article is so correct in all aspects. May God bless you as you move forward in this holy purpose.


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