31 July 2010

Pray It Forward: Melanie Pritchard's Miraculous Recovery

If you've been praying for Melanie Pritchard the last few days, here's the full account of her life-and-death crisis and the amazing recovery she has made.  You'll want to read the whole story.  She came so close to leaving this world.

A grateful chorus goes up to the Lord, the Giver of Life, and to John Paul the Great for his intercession.

Please remember this wonderful lady in your prayers this weekend, and her husband and children as well.  They have a very long road ahead of them as Melanie gets back on her feet from multiples heart attacks and lung failure and major surgery!

You can visit Melanie's website here to see the work she does on behalf of Life, chastity, modesty, mentoring, and sharing the teaching of Theology of the Body. 

1 comment:

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I know Melanie and I am so glad you posted this! God has worked a miracle for sure!


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