24 July 2010

Ice Cream Law

When it's 104 degrees and there's A/C trouble in the house, there's only one thing to do.

Ice cream must be eaten in massive quantities immediately.  And continuously until the house is cool again.  I'm sure it's a law of the universe somehow.


GrandmaK said...

I truly agree with that!!!!! In all the ways it can be eaten. You know, sundaes, floats, banana splits, et. al. Enjoy!!! Cathy

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

Ohhh, nice photo collage.... [drool]

notjustlaura said...

Obligatory consumption of ice cream? Sounds good to me :)

KellyO said...

How ironic that the girl that loves snow has all of the A/C trouble in the house!! I was at a baseball tourney for one of the kiddos and the heat index was 105 -we snuck in a Mass at, of course, the only Church in town WITHOUT A/C! God certainly has a sense of humor :)
Girl Counting Down to Winter


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