31 July 2010

Pray It Forward: Melanie Pritchard's Miraculous Recovery

If you've been praying for Melanie Pritchard the last few days, here's the full account of her life-and-death crisis and the amazing recovery she has made.  You'll want to read the whole story.  She came so close to leaving this world.

A grateful chorus goes up to the Lord, the Giver of Life, and to John Paul the Great for his intercession.

Please remember this wonderful lady in your prayers this weekend, and her husband and children as well.  They have a very long road ahead of them as Melanie gets back on her feet from multiples heart attacks and lung failure and major surgery!

You can visit Melanie's website here to see the work she does on behalf of Life, chastity, modesty, mentoring, and sharing the teaching of Theology of the Body. 

29 July 2010

Babies Go To Congress to Defend Crisis Pregnancy Centers

from Catholic Online

Congress will have some little visitors this week.  Women who rejected abortion thanks to the assistance of crisis pregnancy care centers are taking their babies to Washington, D.C. to let Congress know how thankful they are for the work of these life-saving centers.  They and their babies are living proof of the incredible good these crisis pregnancy centers are doing across the nation.

Babies Go to Congress is a project of Heartbeat International, which has a network of more than 1,100 different centers caring for pregnant women in over 50 countries.  Their volunteers number more then 25,000, including doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers and social workers.

These moms and babies are making themselves heard because CPC’s are being dishonestly targeted by Congress.  Here’s how:

On the one hand you have Planned Parenthood.  They receive millions and millions of dollars of our money to fund their abortion mills nationwide.  They will eagerly “help” any mother kill her baby for a steep fee.  They will “help” a pregnant, underage girl while protecting the identity of her adult abuser, and then sell her contraception so she can go right on being abused with less chance of becoming pregnant again. They make lots and lots of money killing babies, even though they get obscene sums of money from you and me through federal and state funds.

On the other hand, you have pregnancy resource centers.  Crisis pregnancy centers, maternity homes, non-profit adoption agencies, abortion recovery centers, and pregnancy help medical clinics that offer pregnant women whatever help they may need – all without charge.  These centers do not receive millions and millions of dollars in federal and state funding.  They operate under the power of donations and volunteers.  There’s only one thing they will not do – they will not kill the baby.

So who does our Congress decide to go after with unnecessary and punitive legislation?  

Pregnancy care centers across this country are a real, living threat to Planned Parenthood clinics because they offer women something other than a dead baby.  They offer women actual help – material, emotional, practical, medical and even financial help when they need it most.  They offer life and hope, and naturally, Planned Parenthood hates that because it means fewer clients, fewer abortions, less money for them.

So the pro-aborts have persuaded some politicians to sponsor a bill called the “Stop Deceptive Advertising in Women’s Services Act” (HR 5652).  The bill would demand the Federal Trade Commission develop advertising rules for pregnancy care centers. 

NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the pro-abort community find it outrageous that a pregnancy care center would advertise that they can help a pregnant woman when they will not provide her an abortion.  NARAL Virginia called it ‘deceptive” that CPC’s use roadside billboards that say, “Pregnant?  Need Help?  Call 1-800-395-HELP” because the women answering the phone will not recommend abortion.  To the pro-abort mind, the only way to help a pregnant woman is to sell her an abortion.

NARAL has even gone so far as to write to SuperPages.com and Yellowpages.com and ask them to remove all advertisements for pregnancy care centers.  (But the abortion mills want to be able to advertise under the guise of “Abortion Alternatives.”)

The pro-aborts are furious because pregnancy care centers are opening up in close proximity to their abortion mills, often right across the street.  Crisis pregnancy centers do not pretend to be hospitals.  They are clear about what they offer to pregnant women, which is compassion, assistance with their pregnancy and an alternative to abortion.

HR 5652 is more about punishing CPC’s at the behest of the abortion industry than about truth in advertising.  After all, if truth were so important, there should be Congressional outrage over the lies Planned Parenthood tells to women about the development of their baby, giving blatantly inaccurate medical information in order to persuade the woman to abort.  Not to mention Planned Parenthood’s penchant for covering up the rape of minor girls and helping their adult abusers escape charges.

No, once again, the abortion lobby is waving their bloody wallets in Congress’s face and the result is this ludicrous legislation aimed at CPC’s who simply want to save babies’ lives and offer women some real help.

One such woman is Terrie Thompson, who said the volunteers are her local center “have been my rock.”  “When I lost my apartment, they helped me find shelter. When I couldn’t work, they supported me financially, and when I needed support, they were there for me emotionally.  They listen with an open ear and heart, and always help me find solutions.  For that, I thank them.”

Danica Fountain from Arizona is another mom scheduled to meet with members of Congress this week.  She says she felt pressured to abort her baby, but thanks to the Women’s Center of Tucson, a local pregnancy resource center, she chose life instead.  “I was absolutely shocked to see that this so-called ‘blob of tissue,’ the term I so commonly heard people use when referencing a pregnancy this early on, was in fact a fully-formed baby!  She had a head, arms and legs,” said Fountain.  “When I saw my baby’s heart beating I knew I would do anything to protect my child.” 

“The emotional support I received from the pregnancy center helped me realize that I could succeed as a single mom.  So I continued in my full-time position at the bank, knowing they were there if I needed more encouragement or practical help.  I can never thank the Women’s Center of Tucson enough.”

Indeed, thank God for the caring people who volunteer at CPC’s all over the country.  Thank God for the women they serve, the babies they save from death, and the impact they are having for life.  Tell Congress to leave them alone.  H.R. 5652 needs to be aborted immediately.

25 July 2010


"Whoever asks, receives; whoever seeks, finds; and for whoever knocks, the door will be opened."

I have been savoring lately the sweetness of realizing that God has indeed answered a prayer I began praying over two years ago.  I thought perhaps I wasn't being heard, or that I didn't deserve an answer, or that I wasn't doing what I should be doing in order to qualify for the answer, or that I'd been told "no."

When, in fact, not only did my Father hear me, but He very carefully, purposely chose my answer and brought it to me in the most amazing way.  He thought of me and knew just how He would provide what I was longing for, but I had to wait for His time.  But I have been blown away lately to know that He was thinking of me so personally.  My silly little heart needs to learn that my Father gives good gifts to His children when they ask.

So I am Praising God today for answering.  For hearing and giving to me good gifts from His hand.  For teaching me so patiently and gently and loving me even while I don't learn!

I'm Praising God today for the moments during the Eucharist this weekend when I looked at the cup of wine on the altar and saw His blood, and my mind was taken to the Cross, where that Precious Blood flowed for me and all I could do was cry.

I'm very glad today that at least the downstairs level of our house is still cool.  The upstairs A/C unit died and it is 93 degrees up there.  We're camped out downstairs in sleeping bags. 

My kids are healthy, my husband and I are well, we're all fed and clothed and clean -- life is just about perfect.  Thank you, gracious Lord.

I had some rich and highly-caloric chocolate cake last night that was yummy, and we have lots of ice cream in the freezer.  (See yesterday's post.)  

I hope your week behind was kind to you and your week ahead will be blessed.  Give Praise to the Lord for all He has done!

24 July 2010

Ice Cream Law

When it's 104 degrees and there's A/C trouble in the house, there's only one thing to do.

Ice cream must be eaten in massive quantities immediately.  And continuously until the house is cool again.  I'm sure it's a law of the universe somehow.

22 July 2010

Social Media Guidelines for Catholics

If you're interested, the Bishops have published some guidelines for use of the new social media by Catholics.  Recall that our Holy Father has repeatedly encouraged Catholics to use the internet and social media and to become masters of this new technology so we can harness it for the good of humankind and the spread of the Gospel.  "Go forth and blog!" he has told us.

Good article on the topic here.

21 July 2010

Blood Money: Support This Movie

Let the truth be told! 

Now, the cynic in me says this movie will never see the movie theater marquis because the pro-abort left will never allow it. Let's pray I'm wrong. Let's do what we can to get it shown everywhere.

18 July 2010

What Happened to that Executive Order?

from Catholic Online

It's been quite a week for the abortion industry and their chosen President.

First Pennsylvania, then New Mexico and Maryland; all three states released the details of their high-risk insurance pool, aka Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) – and lo and behold, these federally-funded PCIP's were all found to cover abortions.

Under Obama's health care plan, each state will have its own PCIP to give temporary health coverage to those who can't presently get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. The states can either create their own PCIP or allow the Department of Health and Human Services to run their program directly. Kathleen Sebelius has emphasized that each state's program will be “funded entirely by the federal government.” $5 billion dollars is marked for this purpose.

Pennsylvania is one of 29 states who decided to write their own PCIP. DHHS approved PA's plan and the state is set to receive $160 million dollars. Once the details of the plan were examined, however, it quickly became clear that PA's program would include abortion coverage for any reason except sex-selection.

But weren't we assured repeatedly by Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Biden and Stupak that something like this couldn't and wouldn't happen? What about the Executive Order that promised not one dime of taxpayer dollars would be spent on abortion coverage?

As it turns out, the Executive Order only mentions restricting the use of federal dollars for abortion in health insurance exchanges and community health centers; it says nothing about PCIP's. The abortion lobby was well aware of this hidden loophole in the health care bill, which is why they so aggressively opposed the Stupak Amendment, because it would have plugged the hole by specifically preventing funds from covering abortion in any plans created by the bill, including the high-risk pool.

Remember, after President Obama signed his worthless Executive Order, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards herself called the order merely a “symbolic gesture” and praised the bill for providing women the “reproductive care” they need. She wasn't worried about getting her funds because she knew the money was coming, no matter what assurances were made to the pro-life community.

Well, once the National Right to Life Committee discovered the “loophole” in the law and exposed PA's abortion coverage and the Obama administration's duplicity, things got hairy. DHHS quickly backpedaled and issued a revised statement regarding the rules for the PCIP's in every state, saying that they will actually be required to follow all federal laws. It was a tacit admission of the reality every pro-life group as well as the Catholic bishops have been saying all along: Obamacare funds abortion.

The proof is in the reaction of the pro-aborts – they're boiling mad and feeling betrayed. Cecile Richards expressed her deep disappointment at the administration's decision to “unnecessarily and voluntarily” impose limits on abortion funding. NARAL sent out an email saying they are “outraged that such a decision could come from a pro-choice president we helped elect,” and asking people to contact the White House and “tell President Obama that this new policy is unacceptable...” and to ask him to “remove the abortion-coverage ban immediately.” (So, wait... you mean there really wasn't an abortion-coverage ban to begin with?!)

The National Women's Law Center sent a similar message to its email list, saying the Administration has in effect applied the Stupak Amendment to the PCIP's and now “vulnerable women” will not get the abortion coverage they need. They vowed they “will not rest until the restrictions on abortion coverage are fixed.” NARAL, Planned Parenthood, the NWLC, and every pro-abort in the country knew that the promise of no abortion coverage in the health care bill was a lie. They knew the Executive Order wouldn't really stop the money from flowing into their bloody coffers. They were satisfied and content – until this week.

Now the gig is up. Now this back door is being closed.

But it wasn't just Pennsylvania. New Mexico and Maryland were also found to have PCIP's that would cover abortions. Now all three states have had to revise their plans and cancel their abortion coverage since the cat's been dragged out of the bag. How many other states have similar PCIP's? Each state's plan will have to be carefully examined for these kinds of hidden loopholes that will allow federally-funded abortions unless exposed and corrected.

Sadly, the outrage over this revelation that federal funds were indeed going to be used for abortions has been one-sided. Democrats for Life and Bart Stupak both came out and said the ruckus was just more mischaracterization on the part of Republicans and other pro-life groups. Stupak once again accused some right-to-life groups of politicizing the life issue in order to undermine health care reform. Kristen Day from Democrats for Life defended the Obama Administration, basically saying they fixed the loophole problem once they became aware of it, and now everything should be just fine.

Stupak and Democrats for Life stubbornly continue to deny what both the pro-aborts and every pro-life warrior in the country has understood all along: under Obamacare, federal funds will find their way to abortionists all over the country and the Executive Order does not prevent it. The Stupak Amendment would have. If only...

But now that the bloody truth is out, President Obama will have no choice but to either make sure a Hyde-like policy is applied to each state's PCIP and every other program that comes along in the future, or go back on his word and shred his own Executive Order and just admit he wants all of us to pay for nationwide baby-killing.

So now that the blood money is being held hostage, will he – can he – get re-elected without the abortion lobby's help? Will he – can he – get re-elected if he ignores his own EO and shows himself to be a liar? Guess we're gonna find out.

17 July 2010


Mary sat at the Lord's feet... but Martha was distracted... "Martha, Martha, you are anxious about many things..."
"Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her."

This Gospel has given me much to think about.

I'm Praising God:

For His patience.  Such unwearying patience.  And the fact that He really wants me to get it, no matter how many times it takes.

I'm glad He is on the throne and immovable.  It's pandemonium down here, but He will not be usurped or overthrown.  He will not be defeated.

For the love of my family and the joy of being with them and sharing life with them.

For the people in my life who encourage my faith and love me when I screw up.

For chocolate... always chocolate.  And mochas.  Peppermint mochas.
Find the Linky below and join me in Praising our awesome God!  Have a very blessed week ahead everyone.

14 July 2010

Reviewing the New "Sex-ed" Agenda: Battle is On in Montana and Across America

from Catholic Online

Parents across America, are you paying attention?  Does your 5 year-old daughter know what a penis and scrotum are?  Does your 5 year-old son know what a vagina and nipples are?  Do you think they need to?  Before long, it may not matter what you think or what you want, because Sex-ed across this country is rapidly changing and the committees forming the new curriculum don't care what you think.

If the school board in Helena, Montana has their way, the sex education will begin in Kindergarten.  Their 62-page Health Maintenance and Enhancement curriculum has many parents rightfully furious over what they intend to teach the students about sexuality.  Once again, the state is placing themselves squarely between parents and their own children.

The first red flag I saw when reading this new proposed curriculum was their adopted position on “The Whole Child.”  What is a “whole child” according to their definition? A “whole child” is:
· intellectually active
· physically, verbally, socially, & academically competent
· empathetic, kind, caring, & fair
· creative & curious
· disciplined, self-directed, & goal oriented
· free
· a critical thinker
· confident
· cared for & valued

Many of these traits on the list sound so good. However, we live in an age which requires that we scrutinize so much of what sounds good.  Four little letters jumped off the page at me:  free.  That has become a very loaded term these days, laden with a hidden agenda where sexuality is concerned.  Next, I noticed the screenings they intend to offer to support the “whole child.”  I saw that for grades 9-12 they offer “Teen Screen.”  Hmmm... what might that include?  They don't specify, but curiously, it's optional.  Perhaps contraception available upon request?  Testing for STD's?  Pregnancy tests?  Clinic referrals?

On to the proposed instruction:  beginning in 2nd grade, the children are taught that “family structures differ” and that “most people who marry intend the relationship to be lifelong” and that “individuals and families have a variety of values as it pertains to sexual behaviors.”  Then in 3rd grade, it is taught that “there are a variety of reasons why people may end a committed relationship.”

The message is clear:  Family doesn't mean Mom and Dad anymore; sexual values are for each person to decide for themselves; marriage is not required, only a “committed relationship” and even that may end for a number of reasons.  Nothing is concrete or stable.

In 1st grade, the kids will be taught to “understand human beings can love people of the same gender & people of another gender.”  It's clear that their intent is not simply to teach about familial love between siblings, relatives, etc., but to teach about sexual and romantic love between two men or two women because in 2nd grade, the instruction is about the harm caused by calling people names such as “fag,” “homo,” and “queer.”

By 5th grade, the homosexual indoctrination is direct:  “Understand sexual orientation refers to a person's physical and/or romantic attraction to an individual of the same gender and/or different gender, and is part of one's personality.”

By 7th grade, the students are taught they have the legal right to an abortion, as well as sterilization and contraception.  The brief mention of abstinence is simply to define the term: “Understand that sexual abstinence means choosing not to engage in sexual activities.”   In grades 9-12, students examine erotic images in art and how they reflect society's views about sexuality.  They will also “evaluate the progression of reliability of various contraceptive methods from the most reliable to the least reliable” and “analyze and discuss the psychological effects of abortion.”

The biggest concern here beyond the content of the material is who is doing the teaching.  The curriculum states the instruction is given by a Health Teacher or “Health Care speakers.”  Who might these speakers be?  A very reasonable guess would be Planned Parenthood staff, because – surprise! – PP staff members were part of the committee who designed this Montana curriculum.

How do you suppose a PP staffer might describe the psychological effects of abortion?  What do you think a PP staffer would say about contraceptive methods, which for them include abortion?  And of course,  there's no mention of the fact that there are serious physical consequences of abortion, most importantly, the death of the baby, because that's not the agenda here. The agenda is to promote sex, promote contraception, and promote abortion “rights” to a new generation of Planned Parenthood clients.

We are pushing little children into a very adult world not because it serves them, but because it serves our hedonistic society.  It serves a culture which is now inarguably devoted exclusively to promoting unrestricted, indulgent, consequence-free sex.

To say that young children must now be taught explicit details of sexuality in order to “protect” them is perverted.  Suddenly, protection now equals vanquishing a child's innocence as early as humanly possible.  (What's next?  Sex-ed as part of a state-mandated potty-training course for two year-olds?)  It's not normal or healthy for young children to be so knowledgeable about sex and shoving this information at them when they're only still learning their letters and numbers is abusive.

There is much more than Sex-ed here, much more than information and understanding.  At the heart of this instruction is something corrupt and sinister.  The underlying intent here is to train children to become obsessed with sex.  It's teaching children to see everything in their lives through the lens of sex and regard each other as sexual objects.  The goal is to make sure they embrace the abortion “rights” doctrine wholeheartedly as well as the “equivalency” of homosexual “marriage.”  The intent is to train them to abandon their modesty, purity, and sense of sanctity. 

I say the intent here is sinister because this is spiritual by nature.  This is Satan at work, and those who do not recognize that are frightfully na├»ve and complicit by their unwillingness to fight against it.  The spiritual ignorance, the moral apathy of those who are advancing this curriculum out of some moronic notion of health and well-being is all that's necessary for the enemy of our souls to have his way with our children.

First, Satan convinced us it was perfectly justified and right to kill our children in the womb; it was a necessary component of our freedom as individuals.  He persuaded us to abandon our most vulnerable neighbors and execute them for some “greater good.”  With that firmly entrenched in our collective hearts, he began convincing us that sex should have no boundaries or moral requirements at all; it's simply a healthy expression of who you are as a person, and such expression must be discovered early on and experienced as often as possible, in as many ways as possible in order to be happy.

Lucifer, coming disguised as “enlightenment” and “tolerance” and “freedom” has successfully captured our youngest children, and will bring us to total ruin because our instinct to protect them from evil has been silenced.  We've proven that we will kill them in the womb if they get in our way.  It's not a giant leap to then start programming them from toddlerhood to be sexual beings rather than human beings.  We've consented to being stripped of our humanity and inherent worth.  Now the children whose siblings and peers we executed in-utero must be trained to toe the line.  And the father of lies just smiles...

The battle is on all across the country for our children's minds, bodies and souls.  The idea that abstinence should be encouraged is now laughed out of consideration.  Kids grow up not knowing what it means for a man and woman to commit to each other in marriage for life.  They're not encouraged to exercise self-control or to value their own sexual purity, let alone anyone else's.  They're continually told through every avenue of media and entertainment that life without sex is meaningless and human life can be destroyed to serve their purpose.  Inevitably, they will grow up to treat each other accordingly and their relationships will be entirely superficial, self-centered and predatory. 

We must fight back with the truth that we are made in the image and likeness of God; we are created male and female by Divine design to complement each other; sexual intercourse is a beautiful and holy gift meant to be shared between husband and wife; all human life is inherently sacred from conception to natural death.  That is the truth written on every human heart and the world needs the Church – that's us – to step up boldly and proclaim it.

Pray for the parents and children in Helena, Montana.  By the way, what's happening in your town?

13 July 2010

Gratitude Attitude

Calling all Moms and Dads!

What tricks, techniques, methods, or magic do you use to teach your children gratitude?  What's worked for you?  How do communicate the concept of gratitude?  How do you foster an attitude of gratitude in your family?  What have you done that's stopped the "I-wants" and the "Gimme's" and the "I-don't-cares" from taking over and turning your kids into spoiled brats?

I am so determined that my children will have thankful hearts and attitudes, and they are loving, sweet kids, but sometimes I'm not sure the message is getting through, at least not as clearly as I'd like!

Besides all the obvious, like limiting television, computer and video games... have you discovered a real gem of a way to help your kids "get it" when it comes to gratitude?

Please share!    Thank you kindly!

Smile Maker!

I needed this today... how 'bout you?

Thanks to Anchoress for the idea!

11 July 2010

The Catholic Woman, the Imposter, and the Heresy of Abortion "Rights"

from Catholic Online

A tale of two women...and life, love and faith.

One preaches the “obligation to self”

Once again last week the Church was maligned by a false “feminist” who believes that a woman has the right to kill her unborn child if she chooses and such a “choice” is not contrary to Catholic teaching.
Elfriede Harth is the Secretariat of European Parliament Study Group on Religion and Secularity, and a Spanish member of Catholics for the Right to Decide (their counterpart in the U.S. is Catholics for Choice).  She made her insane remarks at the Women Deliver conference in Washington, D.C. this month.

She aims to promote what passes for "liberal" or "progressive" doctrines within the Church these days. They do not liberate and they do not promote true progress. However, they are being promoted by the media as somehow reflective of a "Catholic" position. They are anything but. They are heretical and anti-life.There are no 'abortion rights', only human persons have rights. In fact, every intentional abortion KILLS a human person. There is only the Right to Life and Harth fails to recognize this preeminent and fundamental right upon which all other rights rest.

Her mission, in my opinion, is to redesign the Church to suit the pro-abortion, anti-male, anti-tradition, anti-calling-anything-sinful philosophy she preaches.  In short, she is working to destroy the Church from within.

She knows the Church doesn't approve of her endorsement of baby-killing while calling herself Catholic, but naturally, she says the problem isn't her understanding of Church teaching or her definition of Catholic – it's the Magisterium that's all screwed up. 

“They're always trying to say we're not real Catholics, which is wrong, because the criterion to say you're Catholic is that you're baptized.  That's all.” she said.  “And I don't accept that other people pretend that they define what is Catholicism.  You know?  The way the Vatican presents Catholicism is incomplete.”

Thousands of years of Church leaders, starting with the Apostles, are simply “other people” to Ms. Harth, and since she doesn't like what they say about abortion and her other favorite liberal “feminist” doctrines, well, it just means the faith is incomplete.  All this time, we've been waiting for Ms. Harth to fill in the holes those “other people” left behind!

Harth insisted that a woman has the right to abort because she “has a right to have a good life” and she does not have “the right to ruin it.”  “And if a pregnancy is going to ruin her life in any way, she has a right to get the abortion.  She has the right.  She has an obligation to protect her life from being ruined... Because you owe this respect to yourself because you're a child of God.  You should feel guilty if you don't.” she said.

Read that again:  Catholic women should feel guilty if they do not abort a child they feel might “ruin their lives.”  To not do so would be disrespectful toward themselves as a child of God. 

And what about the baby, Ms. Harth?  Is the baby also a child of God?  “If you have an abortion, there is a fetus that will be killed.  This is true.  But... for us, death is not the end of the story.  And this unborn child or fetus or whatever you want to call it is... well, we don't know what God is going to do with this creature.  God has a lot of mercy, maybe... we don't know.”

Incredibly, Harth is actually justifying the murder of the child in the womb by pointing to our belief in eternal life!?!  Hey, death is not the end of the story!  So, really, abortion's not a bad thing.  It's just sending the baby on to Gloryland a little early – no harm done!  This, according to pro-abort heretic Elfriede Harth is real, complete Catholic teaching.  Wrong.

The tragedy only grows worse as Harth collects more confused, uncatechized souls and leads them astray.  She'll scowl at me for saying this, but Ms. Harth – you're not really Catholic.  Not even close.

The other lives the Gospel of Life and love

The day after reading about Ms. Harth and her scandalous speech, I was graced to receive a copy of Letters to Gabriel, the book written by Karen Santorum to her baby boy, who was born prematurely and lived only two hours.  In 1996, while the drama of the partial-birth abortion ban debate was playing out in the Senate – with her husband, Senator Rick Santorum leading the charge to ban the brutal procedure – Karen and Rick were told their son would die in the womb due to a rare and fatal defect.  This was precisely the kind of crisis pregnancy the pro-aborts said necessitated the “option” of partial-birth infanticide.

Karen writes so honestly and compellingly about their fight to save Gabriel's life; their grief and fear, but also their steadfast faith in the goodness and mercy of God.  Their love and commitment to this newest member of the family never wavered.  Healthy or not, he was a blessing and a gift from God.  There was a miraculously successful in-utero surgery followed quickly by a deadly infection and suddenly, Gabriel was gone. 

Through it all, never for one moment did Karen choose to ease her own pain at Gabriel's expense.  She chose life for her son at every turn and was willing to lay down her own.

Ten years later... Rick and Karen welcomed their 8th child, Bella, and discovered upon her birth that she has Trisomy 18, a very serious genetic defect that is usually fatal before birth, and always fatal after birth, the only variable being time.  Most babies with Trisomy 18 live only a few days or weeks.

I can almost hear Ms. Harth chiding Karen for not making use of diagnostic tests during pregnancy – she could have found out about Bella's condition and fulfilled her “obligation to protect her life from being ruined.”  Poor Ms. Harth... she does not understand the love of a mother.  Karen could not possibly do violence to her daughter in order to spare herself the trouble of caring for her. 

Little Bella is now 2 years old and the angel of the family.  It doesn't surprise me at all that after Gabriel, Karen and Rick were blessed once more with a child whose health is fragile, whose life will be all too brief.  Yes, you read me right – I said blessed.  For they have been tested and found worthy of the gift.

That's not to be flippant or minimize their suffering, but after reading Karen's heart so eloquently in her Letters to Gabriel, I am certain she would not trade the valley and the fire she must walk through for one second if it meant never receiving the gifts of Bella and Gabriel.

So much like our Blessed Mother, who bore the agony of her Son's death with tender love and humility, surrendered to God's will, Karen also lives with a heart pierced by a sword, yet overflowing with love and grace, with a faith purified in sorrow.  She is a true hero of the faith to me.

What a striking contrast to Ms. Harth's selfish and wicked idea that an inconvenient child should be killed in order to spare the mother any trouble or “ruin.”  Ms. Harth knows not what it means to be a mother, nor does she have the faintest idea what it means to be Catholic.  She would do well to read the catechism of Karen Santorum's life and learn what it means to be a faithful Catholic woman.

Karen Santorum is the true reflection of feminism and motherhood that our anti-life culture desperately needs to see.  Ms. Harth preaches self-preservation at any cost, including executing one's own child.  Karen testifies that life is a gift to be welcomed and protected.  She shows us by her life that love is selfless and demanding; it asks for everything and gives everything in return.


"The word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so you may obey it."  Deut 30:14

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation!  (love that hymn!)

I give Praise to God today

For the freedom to praise Him without fear, and I pray for Christians around the world who risk their lives to worship the Lord.

For the creature comforts of my home that are simple but luxurious -- air conditioning, a comfy couch and pillow, a soft bed, quiet time for a nap, good books to read, and an abundance of food.  Make me grateful, Lord.

For three giggly girls who are tugging on my arm to hurry up so we can go swimming!

For the outrageously scrumptious chocolate cake I made last night that I will gladly eat more of later today.

For my husband's love and affection.

For my spiritual father and teacher, whom the Lord has given me out of love, in answer to my prayers.  I am still blown away to realize that Jesus was thinking of me so intimately and tenderly.  He heard my prayers and blessed me more than I deserve.

For all the people who fight for the protection of human life in our country and those who give their time, money and talents toward saving babies, healing moms and ending abortion.  They are heroes.

I hope your week ahead is rich with joy and that you will be surprised by God's grace.  Please share your Praises with me!

09 July 2010

The Cross of Infertility: NaPro Technology Brings Hope

I want to highlight an excellent article up at Catholic Online right now that was written by a wonderful woman who is faithfully and courageously carrying the cross of infertility.

Visit Angela at her blog, Mary Grace Holmes.

Please pass this along to anyone you know who is also struggling with infertility. There is more reason than ever to hope!

Friday Laughs

I never get tired of this one. Bless this woman!

05 July 2010

Feminists and Abortion: Real Feminism Does Not Kill!

from Catholic Online

Several times in the last month now I've heard this claim:  You can't be a feminist and be opposed to abortion.  Gloria Steinem, for example, insists that a woman can say she would not choose to have an abortion herself, but she cannot say that other women cannot choose abortion and still call herself a feminist.  Championing abortion, it seems, has become the only true litmus test for feminism.

There is growing outrage among “feminists” these days over the emergence of pro-life feminism in America.  That any woman would dare to separate women's rights from abortion “rights” is such an affront to what passes for modern-day feminism it instantly brings the claws out.   Most notably, they have latched onto Sarah Palin because she had the temerity to bring a child with Downs into this world and still continue to work full-time as governor of her state.  The audacity!  “That's not feminism!” they cry.  “There is no such thing as pro-life feminism!”

Their “feminist” creed insists a woman must be willing to kill her own child for the cause of liberation and independence.  This demented abortion ideology has turned women against themselves, against their own bodies and required them to at least be an accomplice to murder in order to be “free.”

But it doesn't stop there.  The abortion ideology also destroys any hope of a healthy, mutually-respecting relationship between the sexes.  It pits men and women against each other and both of them against their own descendants.

Abortion has both left men in an impossible situation and given too many of them an excuse to flake out on their responsibilities.  Either a man has no say over his progeny and no power to protect his own child; or he can abandon the child he helped create and go on his merry way; or worse, he can drive his underage, pregnant victim to an abortion clinic to have the evidence of his crime conveniently and secretly destroyed.  (Yes, that truly seems like progress for women.)  Abortion is the ultimate multi-purpose weapon – it kills the child, wounds the woman, and demolishes all respect for motherhood and fatherhood. 

For all their ranting about protecting women's rights, these “feminists” are not the sisterhood they claim to be.  If the sisterhood was truly interested in protecting their own and securing equal rights for the future, they would not sanction snuffing out other sisters before they're even born.  Yes, I know the false “feminists” will say the rights of the woman who's born and grown and pregnant are all that matters, not the supposed rights of the fetus (even if she is a girl), who is merely a "potential" life, not an "actual" one.

Clearly, abortion has not only turned “feminists” into baby killers, it's also made them desperate liars clinging to stupid arguments in order to justify their actions.  What is most frightening is that more and more pro-aborts – er, feminists, I mean – are brazen enough to admit it and even wear their bloodlust like a badge of honor.  Such as Antonia Senior did last week in the London Times when she insisted that “Yes, abortion is killing, but it's the lesser evil.” 

She begins by saying she can think of only one cause she would be willing to stake her life on and that is a woman's freedom and right to live her life as she chooses, including having “complete control over her own fertility.”  She then admits that her absolute conviction about the moral certainty of abortion is “under siege” and “wavering.”  She confesses that having a baby changed everything.
While she fumbles around for a simple way to define human life (absent any moral foundation), she ultimately concludes with surprising honesty, “What seems increasingly clear to me is that, in the absence of an objective definition, a fetus is a life by any subjective measure.  My daughter was formed at conception, and all the barely understood alchemy that turned the happy accident of that particular sperm meeting that particular egg into my darling, personality-packed toddler took place at that moment.  She is so unmistakably herself, her own person – forged in my womb, not by my mothering.”

Any other conclusion is a convenient lie that we on the pro-choice side of the debate tell ourselves to make us feel better about the action of taking a life.  That little seahorse shape floating in a willing womb is a growing miracle of life.  In a resentful womb, it is not a life, but a fetus – and thus killable.”

When all pretense about choices and reproductive freedom is stripped away and the euphemisms have worn themselves out, the naked selfishness of this “feminist” doctrine is laid bare in all its depravity:  

Yes, the child in the womb is a life; a separate person who came into existence at the moment of conception.  But we don't care.  The baby only gets to live if we say so.  We can kill if we want to and no one can tell us otherwise.  We are all that matters; no one and nothing else.

Ms. Senior herself says it in the most chilling way:  “As ever, when an issue we thought was black and white becomes more nuanced, the answer lies in choosing the lesser evil.  The nearly 200,000 aborted babies in the U.K. each year are the lesser evil, no matter how you define life, or death, for that matter.  If you are willing to die for a cause, you must be prepared to kill for it, too.”

There you have it.  A true “feminist” must be prepared to kill for the cause.  It is a greater evil to give equal human rights to the baby than to execute the baby.  Every other consideration is secondary to the inviolable “right” to demand the death of the baby.  So says the “feminist” doctrine.

A feminist creed that turns a mother against her own child is anything but feminine.  It is the antithesis of the privileged, life-giving nature God has given women; a nature which, of course, these “feminists” spit on with disdain. 

Okay, fine.  Eschew the honorable gift of co-creating new life with the Almighty in favor of exterminating your sons and daughters.  Still, Ms. Senior is wrong when she says “the debate is fetal rights versus reproductive rights.”  Abortion is the greatest violation of human rights our world has ever seen.  An entire class of human beings are denied the right to live and even be called a person – this is the odious fruit of pro-abort feminism.  That is the “progress” pro-abort feminists can rightfully say they've achieved.

It is many despicable and evil things (none of them lesser), but it is not real feminism.

Real feminism does not kill. 

04 July 2010

Praise! July 4th

Praising God for freedom and those who have shed their blood for it.

Most especially, our Savior.

God bless the U.S.A!


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