16 June 2010

Virtual Snow

Having more fun with Blogger's new design tools.  This is how I figure things out, by fiddling with it.  I'm tech-challenged.

Love this background, though.  It really is representative of my heart.  I loathe summer and hot weather and I LOVE winter.  I would be perfectly happy with a year-long winter.  I know, I know... I need to move to Alaska.  So says everyone.  Since I doubt that's going to happen, I'll have to settle for virtual snow on my blog. 

It goes nicely with the new header photo, I think.  Yummy... I want some chocolate.


Sarah said...

I like your new header photo ... and quote!

KellyO said...

I love snow as well! I'd much prefer the quiet of winter over the noise of summer! There is something about the beauty of things covered in a blanket of white! Join you in Alaska :)

My Chocolate Heart said...

Amen, KellyO! I find such peace in the stillness of winter, and I love seeing everything covered in that beautiful blanket of white. :)

Anne said...

Love the header-it looks so delicious!


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