10 June 2010

Pray for Abby Sunderland!

Updated 6/11:   Radio Contact!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you, most Blessed Mother!  Thank you, St. Michael!  Continue to protect her until they reach her!

6/10:  I have been keeping up with the journey of 16 year-old Abby Sunderland as she attempted to circumnavigate the world solo in her sailboat Wild Eyes.  Quite the amazing young woman!

I just read this update on her and I am heartsick.  Please pray for her safety and rescue!

Lord Jesus, send your holy angels this moment to guard and protect Abby Sunderland and lead her back to safety.  Calm the waves around her and keep her from harm.  Guide those searching for her and let her be reunited with her family soon.  Amen.


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Prayers indeed! Cathy


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