18 June 2010

Just Divine

Would you like to pray the Liturgy of the Hours but don't have the book, or find it just too confusing?

Then you're gonna love this website:  divineoffice.org

All the prayers are there, right on the screen, and there's an audio button so you can listen and follow along -- it's like praying with others while still having solitude and privacy.

I've become very fond of Night Prayers in particular.  Great way to end the day.  I don't have to worry about whether I'm on the right page, I can just close my eyes and listen, pray, and check the screen when I need to.  It's peaceful.  It's prayer.

My other favorite site is www.comepraytherosary.org
Check it out -- one of the folks praying with you just might be me!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing!


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