17 June 2010

The Heart of Mary

I have come to realize (with John of the Cross and others) there there is an emptiness in my heart that I constantly seek to fill -- either with little "needs" or with activity.  This passion to fill betrays the fact that I do not want to face and accept my radical emptiness as a creature -- as one who is nothing but capacity for the infinite.  The passion to keep filling more and more is simply a testimony that "You have made our hearts for you, and they are restless until they rest in you."

The psalmist said it long before Augustine:  "In God alone is my soul at rest."  (Ps 62:1)  And Jesus said that in him we would find rest for our souls.  Often, when I begin to pray -- that is, when I enter that space of God which is supposed to be empty of other "filler" -- I find my heart and mind rushing immediately to some "filler" -- a need unmet or an activity undone.  This simply shows how much my ego fears to be empty.  But empty it must be if you, Lord, are to fill it -- for that is what you want to do.

May I have the heart of Mary, empty of all and filled with the All which is you.

~George T. Montague


GrandmaK said...

I think I too am in need of the blessed rest. I have too much busy-ness and I think it is my escape from the silence that I should really be taking advantage of. This is a post I needed to read today as the next three weeks are full if work and travel and guest's arrivals. Perhaps next weekend I'll find some quiet at "The Woods as Associates and Sisters gather to meet! Thank you again! Cathy

Sarah said...

Wonderful words to ponder ...


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