19 May 2010

Red-headed Stepchild Part 2

I'm really not sure why this is so stuck in my craw today, but I have no patience right now for those who would perpetuate falsehood about the Catholic faith and not even be man enough to discuss it when they are confronted with their misinformation.

Why are we supposed to smile and quietly tolerate the load of crap that is bundled up by Protestants as "Catholic" beliefs?  Why are we dismissed and ignored when we defend the faith and correct the erroneous statement?  People put forth their ideas about Catholic faith and the errors they think it contains, but when they are challenged to discuss it, evaluate it further, or explain where/how/why they came to their misinformed conclusions, they shut down.   It's cowardly.  

If you're going to insist you know what my faith teaches about salvation, grace, works, faith, forgiveness of sin and eternal life, then back it up.  And be prepared to listen as I explain where you're mistaken.  Otherwise, you're a coward. 

I'm tired of one-way respect.  I do not question the salvation of fellow Christians, nor their state of grace of lack thereof.  I do not question their sincerity, their relationship with Jesus, their understanding, and I do not insult them by declaring they're not even Christians.

Been a frustrating day on the blogosphere...and boy, oh boy -- the wounds in the Body of Christ run so deep.  We are making bridges to close the gaps between us, but even so, sometimes it feels like the canyons between us are impassable.  It's no wonder the rest of the world disdains Christianity.  If I weren't one already, I'm not sure I'd be terribly impressed or inclined to "join" this group.

What a lousy job we're doing.  Jesus, help us.  


MBrandon said...

Dear Jennifer:

I have reposted your second round, along with my own thoughts, as like you, I have had to go round and round and round . . . with stubborn fundies today as well.


God grant me patience, and make it quick please.

Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in your love for these idiots (including me).

Jesus, You are so very patient with us.

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Dear sweet sister in Christ:

As a former Catholic turned Protestant, I have nothing but respect for the Catholic Church. Catholocism is where I learned to love God, respect His house and honor His people. It is a part of who I am as a follower of Christ. It is my spiritual foundation.

Some of my favorite people are not only Catholic, but humble and sincere Christians, as well. I would never, ever suggest they do not know the Lord or lack salvation because of the label on their church building.

On behalf of my Protestant brothers and sisters, I am so very sorry for this. I know it is a problem. I cannot change other people, but I can make certain I never become like them.

I love you, dear friend. I admire your faith and your love for our God.


Dirtdartwife said...

A quote that I love: "I don't know a single person that truly hates the Catholic Church but I know many that hate what they 'think' they know of the Catholic Church."


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