16 May 2010


"When he had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them.  While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven."  Luke 24:50-51

Praise to the Lord on this Ascension Sunday!

Today, I am Praising Him for:

A very fun and happy birthday party yesterday for my oldest.  She's 9 now!  Her past birthday parties have not always gone well (3 years in a row only one person came!) but thanks be to God, this party was well-attended and wonderful for her.  She was very happy, and it was so sweet to see her smile and laugh and feel loved by her friends.  Thank you, Jesus, for caring for a little girl's heart.  And a Momma's heart, too.

Speaking of child #1, she is such a joyful kid.  She has the best smile and so much positive energy.  She's a real gift to me.

Hubby and I are doing the happy-dance also because we finally got orders!!  Hallelujah!  'Bout time!  Now we can move forward with lots of things that need doin', and plans that needs to get goin'.  Lots to do...

I'm grateful once again this week for my awesome Hubby.  Have I mentioned that he loves me more than I deserve?

Thank you, Father, for all You have provided us, for every need that's been met, for every want that's been satisfied, for every comfort, every unnecessary luxury we enjoy, and every day we get to be alive.  We need only one thing -- grateful hearts.

For the peppermint mocha in my cup and the chocolate biscotti in my hand... yum.

God bless y'all this coming week and keep you ever in His care.  His peace be with you, His joy be in you, His love fill you and flow through you.  Thanks for sharing your Praises!


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

YAY! that you have received orders!
And "YUM!" for that treat in your hand! Oh boy!
Thanks for inviting us to PRAISE with you Jennifer!

MBrandon said...

Congratulations on the peppermint mocha, the biscotti, and especially on knowing where the good Major will be serving his country.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to the senior member of the Hartline Junior League.

God Bless You All


Angela said...

Praise God for all the praises! :)

Also I follow your blog and wanted to give you an award! You can find it at my blog :) God bless!


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