10 May 2010

Nashville Special Report

You'll want to visit Catholic Online for an excellent special report on the flooding in Nashville.  Sonja Corbitt is a resident of Tennessee, and gives a thorough accounting of all that has happened, as well as all that has not happened. 

Remember the people of Tennessee in your prayers, and if possible, your budget this month, next month... they need help.  I wonder if Obama will notice them at all...


Julie Cragon said...

Three of my children joined other families in serving hot meals Sunday to a neighborhood of young families hit hard by the flood. Their yards were filled from the front steps to the street with everything from hardwood flooring to carpet to toys and furniture. Cars could just squeeze through the streets because all were waiting for dump trucks to come pick up the debris. My awesome children walked plates to families who did not want to stop to eat while the sun was still out. One week, still no electricity or water for many. Thank you for the prayers for this city.

GrandmaK said...

Our parish of St. John the Baptist is making three separate trips to Nashville to help. They indeed in are in our prayers. Cathy


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