13 May 2010

The Empty Chair

I watched an old episode of "Touched by An Angel" last night. I loved that show. No sex or violence or nastiness or people behaving badly, etc.

This episode was called The Empty Chair, about a married couple who never discussed the abortion of their child fifteen years earlier and how it was destroying them. The wife in the story wrote this poem for her husband, and I found it to be quite powerful and revealing.

Let me break it in half and give some to you
I cannot eat it all, day after day
I swallow our sin, gagging on pieces of my grief
Conceived without hunger, delivered without grace
It is never enough to fill this empty belly

Come, sit at the table and share this terrible communion we have prepared
This is my body
This is your wine
Say the words, taste the blood
And let's finish this meal

May I please be excused to sit by the fire
And rock the invisible sorrow to sleep
Until the flames die
And the faces in the blue go away

Leaves me convinced that whoever wrote that had experienced the heartache of abortion personally. 

It is May; Mary's month.  The month for mothers.  Lord, hasten the day when abortion will cease, and the war on the womb will end, and women will no longer carry the pain, grief, and weight of death on themselves.


MBrandon said...

Good Posting, Jennifer.

Our Dear Lord is a giver of the grace of reconciliation and forgiveness to all who ask, and even those who confess their sin often still feel unworthy to receive that grace, as though the grace from God depends on our worthiness and not His.

Mary333 said...

I read the poem 3 times. The woman's pain and grief echoed in every line.
I pray your prayer with you that abortion ends and children are treasured as gifts from heaven.

Mary333 said...

I put up a link to this post on Beautiful Gate. I hope you don't mind - this needs to be read by as many people as possible.

Karinann said...

This is a heart-wrenching poem. As a post abortive woman myself, I can understand this grief and the empty chair as well.
By God's grace I received the healing I needed through Rachel's Vineyard. I can also empathize with this woman trying to deal with the entire burden herself. I don't want to fill your combox with my entire story. For anyone interested in that, it can be found on my blog's sidebar under the Reversion Story link.
I pray that we will see the end to this heinous act and that the women and men who are out there in need of healing will receive it.'God Bless!

Mary B said...

The poem is so well written...my heart aches for the writer. Thank you for sharing it. I love Touched By An Angel too!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Jennifer, boy am I glad I stopped by. I found you through a comment on Conversion Diary and decided to take a peek. Your blog title caught me -- I'm a lover of dark chocolate too, and red, and our Catholic faith. I would like to share this reflection around too. Very powerful! Thank you. I just got back from a Mass and talk by Pierluigi Molla, son of Saint Gianna Molla. So the gift of life and its power is very much on my mind. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Colleen said...

Very powerful. Thank you.

Victor S E Moubarak said...


Dirtdartwife said...

I would have been bawling watching that because, like Karinann, I know the pain of abortion. While I have been given the gift and grace of God's mercy, there will always be a small twinge of "I am SO sorry." While I will always be truly grateful for the children I have been blessed with since my abortions, I still often wonder what those two would have been like.
Thanks for posting this Jen. As painful as it has to be, I hope that through my own experience, I can share with others and help them to make the right choice or help them come back to God.


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