21 April 2010

Wanna Be Humble?

Chew on this for a while...

April 21
True humility does not make a show of itself and hardly ever speaks in a humble way, not only because it wants to hide the other virtues, but most of all because it wants to conceal itself. Therefore, if it were lawful to lie, dissemble or scandalize one's neighbor, humility would perform acts of arrogance and pride, so that it might conceal itself beneath them and live completely hidden and unknown. Here then is my advice: Do not utter words expressing humility unless you can say them from the bottom of your heart. Let us not lower our eyes without humbling ourselves in our hearts; let us not make a show of wanting to be the last if we do not want to be that in reality. (INT. Part III, Ch. 5; O. III, p. 147)

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Kristy K said...

One of my facebook friends just posted a link with your article about the two babies who were killed during "a botched procedure." My heart is broken, although I can't say I'm completely surprised. I just wanted to tell you how well written the article was and how it conveyed the heart of Christ so beautifully.


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