22 April 2010


More from St. Francis de Sales:

One of the virtues which Our Lord displayed for us on the cross was holy perseverance. Without this virtue we cannot merit the fruit of His passion and death. It is little use beginning well if we do not persevere until the end. In fact, it is certain that we will remain for all eternity in the state we find ourselves at the end of our days, when God will cut off the thread of our lives. (Sermons 29; O. IV, p. 283)

If my "thread" were cut today...

Not yet, Jesus, please.  I want to do better than this...

1 comment:

MBrandon said...

If YOUR thread were cut today, I would Praise God for you being with Him in eternity, and thank Him for the grace and wisdom He gave you while here on earth to love your husband and children, and to serve the people of God.

I would also thank Him for your joys, works, trials and tribulations for they showed you daily how great He is, and how all that you have done here on earth was by His grace alone.

God Bless You



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