13 April 2010

Lord Have Mercy and A Few Elusive Thoughts

I have a head swirling with things I want to write down, but form is proving elusive.  They are good thoughts, too, and I think, very worth sharing so I hope they will become cohesive soon!  Things that God has done for me... humbling and amazing things that have been happening for a while but only recognized by me recently.

Is that how you recognize God's handiwork in you?  Are you ever blessed enough to see it as it's happening, or only after it has become part of you and some ordinary event has suddenly revealed an extraordinary grace you've been given?

Our God is massive and powerful and breathtaking... we forget that, I think.  He has no equal.  There is none beside Him.  None above Him.  And He yearns for only one thing... without this one thing, He is not satisfied... for this one thing, He gives all He has, which is everything.  The one thing, of course, is you.  Your heart, your soul, your love, your cooperation, your affection, your life, your friendship.  You.  And me.

Then, while I'm waiting for thoughts like this to congeal and for the time to elaborate on them, I read horribly distressing things like this story, and my heart breaks and my stomach is sick.  I can't find words to express the revulsion. How is it possible that I live in a country, in a society, in a time in history when this disdain for life and this cruelty is considered a right that must be protected?  How have we become so hardened and self-absorbed that the only crime in this story is that the doctor killed the wrong baby?  It's his medical mistake they're upset about... if only he had been a more precise executioner.

I can't seem to quiet the churning in my stomach, like I want to vomit.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, have mercy on us, please.  I know we don't deserve mercy, but I beg you...

Jill Stanek has the link to read more.


GrandmaK said...

Does make us very sad...A co-worker's neighbor's fiance while sitting for her children, set the house on fire and drove away leaving the children inside. What is this world coming to?!?! Wishing you well! Cathy

My Chocolate Heart said...

Dear God, Cathy... please tell me the children were rescued?!?

Dirtdartwife said...

That story is horrible. Alot of the comments reduce the intelligence quota even further because it shows how atrociously STUPID people are about basic biology. May God have mercy on the couple that started the whole thing off wrong by doing IVF and then following through with murdering both children in a selective attempt in being spoiled brats.

clement charles said...

The world is full of pain and suffering, ripples of bad choices. The sacrifice of this child will lead to some great good. It is His way to make all things not just new, but great, even out of the ashes of our mistakes. Remember His divine mercy and grace are pouring down from above, as is His joy and wonder and most of all His love. Be at peace with this and pray for these people.


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