01 March 2010

Precious Aborted Ones Discovered in Nepal

This is what "Choice" really looks like.

I know this is torturous to look at... horrifying and nauseating.  It left me completely speechless and grieved.  I wept all morning.
I think we have no idea the restraint God shows toward us.  This makes me want to lash out in ferocious anger and hatred toward the butchers who did this.

I want Cecile Richards, Leroy Carhart, Obama and every other pro-abort in America to look these babies in the eye and then justify their murders.  Defend this.  Explain how this is a "right."  Then look me in the eye and tell me why this is morally acceptable and reasonable.

For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Full story here at Jill Stanek.


GrandmaK said...

Oh my goodness! "Oh, Mary, conceived with out sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.: Cathy

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, Jennifer. This is outrageous. Absolutely appalling. How could anyone think this is OK??? Oh, my heart cries out! And to think that we don't see this in our daily life, but God does. HE sees it all, and boy is He patient with our nation, our world. Please have mercy on us, and on the whole world, oh Lord!

mbrandon8026 said...

My Jesus, I believe in You, I adore You, I hope in You and I love You. I ask pardon for all those who do not believe in You, do not adore You, do not hope in You and do not love You.

Footprints Diary said...

Jennifer, WHAT A HORRIFIC END TO HUMAN LIFE - I'm apalled at the atrocity of this. :(

Jillian ♥

Dirtdartwife said...

My heart is broken when I see pictures like this.

Mary333 said...

Oh Jennifer. May God have mercy on this world. How this must grieve His Heart to see such things. This picture looks like a dream I had years ago - babies thrown away like trash. The dream was so sad that I have never forgotten it and never could.

Gae said...

Dear Jennifer,
I am sick with it. I cannot believe that people can do this.
I, who would take those little babies home to live with us.
Why can't people see the joy and love that God offers us in being parents to totally dependent babies?
I weep as I think about it. It breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, little ones- eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon them. Any one of these children could be one of mine. Lord, have mercy.
May the brutal reality spur us on to fight for these lives of the most vulnerable among us.


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