27 March 2010


"Hosanna to the Son of David!"
"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"
"Hosanna in the highest!"
Matthew 21:9

Holy Week is upon us!  I am looking forward to these days when we walk with Jesus through the agony, the pain, the abandonment, and death.  I can't help but wish that the whole word would stop and look on Him, bloodied and broken for us.  Wouldn't even the hardest heart be moved with sorrow?  This week will be a welcome diversion from all the craziness happening in our country.

I am Praising God today for...

Time to slow down and rest, even if it did come because I am sick.  This is when sickness is a blessing.

The spring weather that everyone else seems to be loving, even if I don't quite relish it.  I'm glad everyone enjoys the sunshine and warmth.

The anticipation of Resurrection!  

The unexpected gift I've been given this month that's come to me from across the globe... someone I've never met in person but who has blessed me so richly.  It's another way He says to me, "Yes, I see you and I love you."

The brand-new Catholic Online website that just debuted to the world!  Check it out -- it looks fantastic and is loaded with all kinds of great stuff!

My awesome husband who has let me get tons of sleep... and bought me some cold medicine and sore throat spray and even made me tea with lemon and honey.  God bless him...he loves me better than I deserve.

I hope your Holy Week is fruitful, restful, rich and meaningful.  When next we gather to Praise, it will be the greatest day of all!  Til then, His peace be with you!

Please share your Praises with me!



MBrandon said...


I am sure you know that I love your writing. It inspires me to grow in my faith. Your love of your family also inspires me to love my own.

But, I have to tell you that this weekly Praise is awesome. Taking a specific time to ponder on the marvels that God does on a daily basis in our own lives and in the lives of other believers is food for the soul, and I love soul food.

Footprints Diary said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm sure that you know how much I value you hosting Praise by now. :D

I pray that you'll soon be well again. :)

Have a wonderful and blessed week,
Jillian ♥


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