18 March 2010

Do Not Be Fooled

Do we adequately appreciate the gift we have in Archbishop Chaput?  (You know what I see in him?  A future Pope.)

He has once again spoken in clear terms about the Health Care bill, setting the record straight after the "Network" of loony nuns came out with their letter publicly rejecting the Bishops' stand on the legislation.  Confusion, dissent, and misinformation spreads... enter the voice of a true leader.

"Don't be fooled... nothing has changed... the Senate bill is fatally flawed... Catholics cannot support this bill."  Period.

God bless you, Shepherd Chaput.

Related:  God bless the sisters of the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious for issuing a public statement that the loony nuns who think the abortion language in the Senate bill is just a "technicality" do not speak for them!  Thank you, sisters!

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