03 March 2010

Archbishop Chaput: Hero of the Faith

Archbishop Chaput speaking to health care professionals in Houston (but these words are really for all of us!):

"The first thing all of us need to do – and I mean bishops, priests, deacons, religious, mothers and fathers, mechanics, lawyers, shopkeepers, business executives and doctors – is to ask God for the gift of honesty," he said.

"We need to examine our hearts with real candor. And we need to ask ourselves how 'Catholic' we really want to be. If the answer is 'pretty much' or 'sort of' or 'on my own terms' – then we need to stop fooling ourselves, for our own sake and for the sake of the people around us who really do believe. There´s no more room in American life for easy or tepid faith."

I love this wonderful man because he speaks the truth unapologetically.  He's a straight-shooter and not afraid to live his faith out loud.  If we all took our cue from him, our nation would be a drastically different place.
God bless Archbishop Chaput!


Gae said...

Dear Jennifer,
I have often wondered who the Chocolate Heart was.
How glad I am to have found you.
I also admire those who speak it as it is.
Thanks for the encouragment of this post.
God Bless

GrandmaK said...

A true witness of the faith!! Thank you! Cathy


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