16 February 2010

Praying with my favorite saint and teacher

I just got a wonderful new book... can't wait to dig in.

Praying With St. Francis de Sales

It's a book of 15 meditations based on his writings, and each one has a theme, St. Francis' thoughts on the subject, then a reflection with questions to ponder, Scripture and a closing prayer.

It looks just heavenly, and I'm anxious to take it in.

Hard to find copies, too, because I think it's going out of print.  I'm glad I found this one.

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Maggie45 said...

I'm so happy I came across this post. I just ordered this book from a Marketplace seller on Amazon, thanks to you. St. Francis de Sales is my favorite saint, too. To me he is Gentleness personified. His prayer, "Be at Peace", has helped me so much. I go to it several times each day, and each time I read it I feel like I'm sinking into the protection of God's arms.


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