14 February 2010

LENT! (I'm Not Ready Yet!)

It's here already and I'm not quite ready!  But thanks to some very helpful ideas from some brilliant blogging moms, I'm getting there quick.

I'm always short on ideas for making Lent more relevant and meaningful to my kids, and these ideas from Kate at Momopoly are fantastic.

I'm also going to do the Lamb calendar countdown to Easter this year, courtesy of Karen Edmisten.  Although, she says she drew hers freehand -- and uh, well, I can't draw stick people.  Seriously.  I have to find a way to blow this image up and trace it somehow.

Do any of you have great ideas that help you teach the meaning of Lent to your little ones?  

I thought if we Link up it'll be easy for others to read your ideas and share them!

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