18 January 2010

Something New

I'm trying something new.  Well, a lot of something's new, actually.  It's a new year and I'm trying new things.

Today I should be receiving my first shipment of Melaleuca products, mainly vitamin supplements and a highly-regarded lotion for my family's very dry skin.  Can't wait to use this stuff.

From what I know right now, I like this company because everything seems to be very natural, free of nasty chemicals and additives, and healthy for me and the earth.  And the prices are not out of this world, like many other products.  I am eager to dive in and try a wide variety of things.  I'll keep you posted as I go and let you know what I like.

I am really praying the vitamin supplements will make a difference in how I feel.  I think I've mentioned before that I have rheumatoid arthritis and my most painful joints are my fingers.  Things are basically under control for me and I'm not prohibited from doing anything I really need to do, but I'm sure open to feeling even better!

Anyone else trying something new right now?


Sarah said...

I like your snow =)

I hope you enjoy your new products. I have heard very good things about Melaleuca, so I hope you find them beneficial.

Sarah - Kala said...

My "new" thing is to try and not cuss (it's hard, you know, in today's world 'cos it's everywhere - but not acceptable). I'm also trying to take a daily vitamin every other day at first . . . and reduce my coffee to two cups a day rather than three or four. More water.

I had no idea you had RA, but I think I remember you mentioning it before . . . it's a fog. But, I will pray for you. I know it's a battle!

Brian said...

Hello Jennifer !

God bless - your blog is always so interesting. Let's pray for a good result in Massachusetts today!!!


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