30 January 2010

A Good Day

I am delighted -- just giddy -- to stare out my window at the SNOW outside!  We've gotten at least six inches of pristine, powdery snow.  Everything is covered in a thick layer of fluffy white.  It's absolutely gorgeous!

I know it won't last long, but at least for today and tomorrow, I can enjoy my snow.  We've thrown some snow at each other and tried to make a snowman, but it's too powdery and won't pack.  It's still fun to play in.  And it provides a great excuse to make hot cocoa and have cookies for lunch.

This is a good day.

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Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Someone told me that when it's powdery...you can still have fun by concocting a mixture of food coloring and water in spritz bottles and letting the kids "paint" pictures in the snow!!!!
We haven't tried it yet but we are definitely going to! Thought I'd share the idea! ENJOY!!!


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