04 January 2010

CWDkids catalog outrageous swimsuit for girls

Update 2:00 PM:  Check the comments for the latest!

Update 10:00 AM:  Read Mr. Klaus' response to my letter in the comments section, along with my answer to him.  I'll keep you posted if I hear back from him again.

Following is the letter I just mailed to the president of CWDkids catalog, Mr. Jim Klaus.

Here’s a picture of the bikini that got me so fired up:

ladybug bikini
This is a little girl’s bathing suit!  Shocking!  What in the world?!?  Is it just me?

Anyone else who would care to chime in can contact Jim Klaus at JimK@cwdkids.com or by mail at:
3607 Mayland Court, Richmond, VA 23233
04 January 2010

Jim Klaus, President
3607 Mayland Court
Richmond, VA 23233-1453

Dear Mr. Klaus,

I'm writing to express my shock and dismay at what I found in your catalog today. I admit I have only briefly glanced through your catalog on the occasions it has arrived in my mailbox, and I've thought, “Oh, those are cute clothes!” How very glad I am that I have never purchased anything from your company.

My jaw dropped when I saw the little girl's “bathing suit” on the top of page 7. Two small ladybug patches held up by spaghetti straps is supposed to be a top?!? It looks like something fashioned for a stripper in a nightclub. And that teensy little bottom is supposed to be cover a little girl's behind? The entire “suit” is so highly inappropriate I cannot find words to describe it. To think that anyone finds that cute, or endearing, or in any way acceptable for a little girl is unimaginable. It is appalling and you should be ashamed of yourself for selling it.

And then I flip through the rest of the catalog and find skimpy bikini after skimpy bikini, and the suit on page 43 with half the mid-section cut out, and I am just speechless! Who in the world thinks these “suits” are appropriate for young and little girls? The sexualization of our children has got to stop, and this is an excellent place to start.

I find it outrageous that your company is peddling this attire to little girls. It only further reinforces the idea that a girl's body can and should be put on display in public, even at the most tender young age. Instead of encouraging girls to respect their bodies and develop a sense of modesty, this kind of “clothing” teaches girls that it's only their breasts and rear end that matter, and this is long before they've even developed breasts.

Little girls deserve to be decently covered and not be dressed as miniature adults.

I will never be a customer of CWDkids, and I will encourage every mom I know not to patronize your catalog either. I hope you will decide to discontinue this terrible line of bathing suits from your clothing line, and will instead become a company that supports the virtue of modesty and respect.


Mrs. Jennifer Hartline
mother of three daughters


Allison said...

Oh how disgusting is that suit?! The bottoms don't look like even cover half of the backside!

Dirtdartwife said...

Oh my... and people wonder why pedophiles just LOVE pools and beaches.

I've ordered from this company before but what I ordered was decent, modest swim attire when it was on a super sale. Otherwise, I've never ordered from there again and after seeing this, I won't.

Molly said...


Good job. What you said in the letter was so perfect.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Jennifer,
What an abomination that thing that they call a "swimsuit" is!

These are little children's lives that these people are playing with - let children be children and retain their innocence as long as possible.

Well done for taking the stand.

Anne said...

Thank you Jennifer for standing up for our daughters!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Hartline -

I want to thank you for bringing to my attention your unhappiness with some of the merchandise we carry at CWDKids.com.

To provide you a little context, CWDKids is a family business founded by my parents over 20 years ago. Now my sister and I are involved in running the business. All of our staff is women, mostly mothers and grandmothers, who are passionate about honoring children through appropriate clothing choices. My buyers would not put something in the catalog that they would not put on their own children. That is one of our steadfast rules, and we take it very seriously.

We take very seriously our mission of providing age appropriate merchandise for children, made in the USA, if at all possible. All of our CWDKids brand merchandise is, in fact, made in the USA.

The main compliment we hear from our customers year after year, is that we offer clothing that lets their children not look like "mini-adults." We especially avoid "teen" fashions for kids. In fact, when we take our model shots we make sure kids look their age by making sure they wear no makeup, nail polish, jewelry, etc.

Our tag line has always been: "CWDKids - dressing kids like kids", and that is what will will attempt to abide by even as children want to dress more and more like thier older brothers and sisters.

Again, thank you for your comments and we will continue to work to bringing "age approprate" clothing choices to mothers and fathers.


Jim Klaus

My Chocolate Heart said...

Mr. Klaus,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my message.

I was not referring to your kids' clothing. I am referring to the skimpy, extremely immodest and revealing "bathing suits" you are selling for little girls. Specifically, the suit I mentioned that is simply two small patches of fabric shaped like ladybugs that is supposed to cover a small girl's upper body. The itty-bitty bottom that goes with that top is equally inadequate to cover a small girl's behind. It is NOT appropriate for a child, or for that matter, a teenager!

Are you seriously telling me that neither you nor any of your employees who are mothers and grandmothers have a problem with dressing little girls in barely-there bathing suits? You find that appropriate and decent? I truly hope not.

You do indeed sell many items of very cute clothing for girls that are fun, child-like, innocent, and comfortable. I did not suggest otherwise. My point is that your bathing suits for little girls are extremely inappropriate, far too revealing, and immodest.

It's high time our society started covering up our daughter's bodies again. They should not be so exposed in public. They must be taught that sexuality is something to be respected and kept sacred, and that modesty is the mark of dignity and self-respect.

I would be very disheartened to hear that you and your staff have no reservations at all about allowing a little girl to be seen by strangers -- strange men -- in nothing but two ladybugs over her chest and a two-inch strip of fabric on her behind.

Please reconsider carefully what you are marketing to our little girls.

Jennifer Hartline

mbrandon8026 said...

Dear Jennifer:

As a Father and Grandfather, I concur with your points. My dear wife would shoot me if I ever came home, having purchased a similar suit for our granddaughter.

Our children are too precious to be sexualised like this.

Mr. Klaus might say that it is ridiculous to think that putting young girls in such swimwear can incite lust in men. However he would be naive and wrong.

Most men find it hard not to be stimulated by seeing women dressed in revealing garments. Some of that is in our design, and some of it is a lack of self control.

But, there are also some men who are sexually stimulated by seeing young girls wearing such suggestive apparel. To those men, it would be like putting chocolate candies out on a dish near me.

My wife and I are very careful in the things we buy for our granddaughter, and have commented to our older single female daughters at times when we have seen things that we feel are inappropriate.

Are you or we prudish? No, I think not.

I, for one, am a man, and a child of this sexual revolution, which was really a sexual high jacking of our morals and good sense. It is all too easy in our society to fall into sexual sin.

We do not need to sexualize our children and make them the object of lust, thereby making them easier prey for the spiritual forces that that invites into their lives.

Keep up the good fight.

Worn Out said...

Wow! Thanks for posting updates on this, the first thing I thought of was this is a pedophiles dream. Terrible!

My Chocolate Heart said...

Here is the latest reply from Jim Klaus:

Mrs Hartline -

I understand your points and they are creating much interesting discussion among the Moms and Grandmothers here. We will keep you comments in mind as we review next year’s bathing suit selections.

Thanks again.

Jim Klaus


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