10 December 2009

When Sex is god

Given the current health care debate and the question of whether we will all be forced to pay for abortions through our tax dollars, plus the cozy relationship between Obama and Planned Parenthood, it's high time this country reexamined its attitudes about sex. That's where we have to start if we're going to straighten out the horrible mess we're in. (IMHO)

In case there’s any doubt, it’s not true that Americans don’t worship. We are indeed still a nation that faithfully goes to the altar to worship and give our lives. We give our money & our time, and we choose our leaders accordingly. Some things are worth protecting and defending, so we make darn sure the important things are kept safe.

What has changed is the object of our worship. No longer is the one we adore holy and all-powerful. No longer is our master a loving and merciful one. We have a new god.

Sex is our false god. Our society worships at the altar of sex, and by extension, the altar of abortion. Every part of our daily lives seems to glorify and revolve around sex. There is no escaping the pervasive presence of indulgent sex. It has infiltrated every corner of our culture and radically changed the way we view ourselves and the way we treat each other.

Satan has so skillfully enslaved us in a prison of self-centeredness and obsession with sex that he no longer has to convince us to come to this altar – we come running of our own volition. We can’t get enough sex. Bondage tastes like freedom on our tongues and we beg for more. We are addicted to our lethal injection.

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