31 December 2009

Welcome 2010!

Wishing all of you a prosperous New Year!

happy new year

May this year be marked with peace, and ruled by Love.  May this year be the beginning of a new era of Life… life in Christ.

Come, Lord Jesus, and make this year one of great spiritual blessing for all.



So enjoy the countdown and ring in the New Year with hopefulness and joy!  I hope y’all get a kiss at midnight!


clock midnight

See you next year!




Aussie Therese said...

happy new year Jennifer to you and all your family.

Looking forward to reading more on your blog in 2010.

Brian said...

Hi Jennifer !

Happy New Years to you and yours!

Thank you for your awesome Catholic witness..

God bless...

Dirtdartwife said...

Happy New year to you and your family!!! No kiss for me from hubby but not much longer till I get to plant one on a new face! :) :) :) :) :)

Mary333 said...

Happy New Year, Jennifer! May God continue to shower you with His love and grace this new year!

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Happy New Year, Jennifer. May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you.:)


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