19 December 2009

No Silver Bells... Just Silver for Votes

It is not over, but today's news is a crushing blow to those who hoped that Senator Nelson would be a man of his word.  By all appearances this morning, he has caved and sold his vote. 

Call your Senators and Congressmen today, tomorrow and Monday and demand they reject this pathetic bill with its abortion mandate.

How can we welcome the Christ Child next week when we refuse to welcome our own children?  Our country will commemorate the day by enshrining mandated abortion funding into law.  It is heartrendingly evil.

Jesus, have mercy on us and rescue Your people from this evil legislation.  Raise up men who will stand firm in defense of LIFE and not be bought at any price.  Forgive us, Lord...

1 comment:

SQUELLY said...

Amen! Praying that America will be able to hold out in a way that my own country hasn't managed so far. God bless!


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