21 December 2009

Christmas Dreams

I first wrote and published this back in May in honor of Mary's month, but it seems well-suited for Christmas so I'm sharing it again.  Blessings of peace and joy to you all this week.  Unto us a child is born... unto us a Son is given!

Dream of Me

Does he dream?  His eyelids flutter, and the faintest smile settles in
Just a moment and is gone again, with a sigh
My finger is a snug prize in his delicate hand
He falls deeper into sleep and deeper into my cradling arm

Quiet breath
I rock and sing
I am lulled and drowsy, yet transfixed on his face

Is he flying home in his mind?  Dancing through his cosmic playground?
Is he calling the stars out by name?

What extraordinary things does he imagine?
Is any of this real?  Is he really here in my arms?
How sublime and surreal!
He stepped into time and willed to be contained
In mortal flesh, on fleeting soil
My feet sink into the earth below me
Yet one glance at his face and I am raised to Heaven

No, I am the one who dreams
And finds my dream is fulfilled
Heaven is mine to hold
I can scarcely stop my heart from pounding
My little Holy One
My tiny, Mighty God
How I adore You!

We are each the other's child
I am Yours
You own me completely
And now You are mine
I lavish a mother's kisses on the tender face of God
Who could imagine such a thing?

My child, my King, my Love
My heart and soul
Tonight I hum a gentle lullaby
You sleep, and I stare in awe
Dream of me
Your mother, Your child
Dream of me

© 2009 Jennifer Hartline


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Jennifer, what a beautiful poem of praise - thank you so much for sharing it again.

My prayer for you is a wonderful and blessed Christmas.♥

Adrian said...

Great Religion Magazine collection for all Christian brothers and sisters. Wish you a Merry Christmas and May this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

GrandmaK said...

So tender and loving! Thank you! Cathy


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