10 November 2009

Rest in Peace

We were stationed at Fort Hood in 2003 when the Iraq war began, and my husband deployed with the 4th Infantry Division. He spent many, many hours in the Soldier Readiness Building before he left.

While he was gone I had to get my ID card renewed and I'm almost positive it was done at the Soldier Readiness Building. I went there with both children and stood in a very long line on a very hot day.

The same building where a terrorist dressed in an American uniform decided to enact his own jihad and open fire on anyone standing in his way.

It's time to call this man what he truly is and call his act of violence what it really was. Terrorism. I've had it UP TO HERE with this cowardly political-correctness. The Army blew it big time and they should be ashamed of themselves.

What this means for every Army family is that we can no longer feel secure on our own installations. We're not even safe at home anymore. They can have fantastic security at the front gate and demand ID's until the cows come home, but it won't mean a damn thing if they don't have the guts to root out the terrorist hiding in an Army uniform.

What if the next guy decides to shoot up the commissary? Or the Exchange? Do I need to think twice before taking my kids grocery shopping with me? I worried about Chris every second he was in Iraq and lost a lot of sleep. Now I wonder whether he's safe at the office.

My heart grieves for the families... this slaughter was totally preventable. Shame on our government, shame on the Army. If they don't get over their PC sickness, grow a spine and start calling this guy what he really is, we can be sure he won't be the last.

14 souls ~ Pfc. Velez was pregnant ~ may they rest in the peace of Christ, may they know His endless mercy and love and live with Him forever. Amen.


Sarah - Kala said...

Precisely what is on my mind! My thoughts were the same, why bother checking our ID's at the gates or at the commissary if any uniformed individual can get in and shoot us all to heck? I'm not living scared, but I do not like living looking over my shoulder and suspecting people right and left. WE cannot allow this country to be another Middle Eastern way of thinking/life. Period.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

I have an award waiting for you on my blog. ☺

Anne said...

I join you in your prayer for those 14 souls and for the safety of all of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our safety.

Dirtdartwife said...

This entire thing hasn't left me feeling too great with my husband leaving tomorrow. For the first time, I'm actually afraid. I shouldn't have to look at a fellow soldier/officer and wonder what they're thinking. It's the EXACT reason that when my husband left on deployment for Iraq, the very first thing we did was break lease on our house and move onto post. Having to repack your house less than 7 months after a cross country PCS was hard, but the security was well worth it. He didn't have to worry about us and our safety.

But I have faith in our soldiers. We're resilient and we'll come through this even stronger... the high brass and civilians can cry and boohoo about political correctness and diversity, but the soldiers, don't bother them with that crap.


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