21 November 2009



Surprise! Praise! is up a day early this week, and if nobody minds, I think it'll be published on Saturdays from now on. Here's my thinking... many people like to have an "unplugged" Sunday and I can certainly understand that. Plus, there are lots of other great memes going around that occur on Sundays as well (though, really, what can be better than Praising God, right? wink wink).

This way, people who want to participate with Praise! can do so either on Saturday or Sunday, since Praise! will be up most of the weekend. Okey-dokey?

I really enjoy doing this weekly post and I love hearing your Praises! to our magnificent God. Please help me spread the word so Praise! can grow!

It's been a busy but good week, and my heart is full of thanksgiving and Praise! to God!

Praise you, Lord, for this most glorious autumn day! I love autumn... the colors on the trees around here have been gorgeous, and I wish it would last much longer. But alas, the leaves are quickly falling and many of the trees are bare. But that's okay, because it means WINTER is coming! I love winter!!

Praise you, Lord, for successful baking this week. Santa Claus cake for the school auction, snowflake cookies, pumpkin-spice waffles with homemade whipped cream... it's been smelling fabulous in this house all week!

Praise you, Lord, for being our King! We have a gracious, loving, merciful, compassionate, kind, and accessible King!

Praise you, Lord, for your faithfulness when we are unfaithful.

Praise you, Lord, for being slow to anger when we are sinful.

Praise you, Lord, for giving us your sweet Mother to guide us and raise us up when we are low and lost.

Praise you, Lord, for your patience and the many good gifts You give us.

Praise you, Lord, for being our Provider. May we learn to be good stewards.

Praise you, Lord, for our freedom in Christ. And I'm thankful for my freedom as an American.

Praise you, Lord, for this Thanksgiving week. May our hearts truly be grateful and may we be generous in sharing.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Please join me in Praising our wonderful God, and let His Praises ring!



(Oh My! Do you realize what just happened?!? It just dawned on me this very second... I didn't Praise God for chocolate!!! GASP!)


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Jennifer, thank you for hosting "Praise" each week. Even when it's Saturday over there, it's Sunday here. :P

My praises are up here:

Mary333 said...

And I praise the Lord for wonderful people like you who aren't afraid to speak out against abortion!

Dirtdartwife said...

Got mine up!

Aussie Therese said...

My list is up here:


Thanks so much for hosting each week Jennifer.

~ Judy ~ said...

I love to join in PRAISE with you each week Jennifer!
Even though you didn't mention chocolate...we KNOW you PRAISE HIM FOR IT, ha ha!
I think I'll keep posting on Sundays if that's ok as I have 3 Saturday memes already!!
Thanks for leaving us the option!

Allison said...

Here's mine. I'm going to continue with the Sunday posts though as I'm normally busy on Saturdays :)


Anne said...

Jennifer, you are the best! Thanks for switching to Saturdays. I am grateful for your flexible chocolate heart!


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