05 November 2009

No Need to Fear

Today with St. Francis de Sales,

" The biggest mistake that most of us make about God, the one that most consistently undermines our peace of soul, is the idea that God demands a lot of us, more than fragile beings like ourselves could ever give.

Such a God is frightening.

But God in reality is content with the little we can give, because God knows ~ and accepts ~ the little that we have.

We need to do just three things:

Do the best we can to find and honor God in everything we do.
Do whatever ~ however little ~ we can to live this way.

Let God do the rest.

If we follow these simple rules, we will possess God. And possessing God we will not be disturbed, we will not be anxious, for we will have no need to fear a God who never asks of us more than we can give."

All Through the Day Today: God is content with the little we have.

1 comment:

~ Judy ~ said...

Oh how I LOVE this man Francis!!!!!
Now if ONLY I could live it, LOL


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