23 November 2009

Autumn Glory

I first published this post last year around this time. I just love autumn!

This is a perfect day. If I could create my own world, the year would be loaded with days like today. There's a bright blue sky above me, crisp, cold air on my cheeks, and the gorgeous colors of fall swirling around my head, compliments of the breeze.

The leaves are performing their autumn ballet, and I am a delighted admirer.

For me, there's never enough autumn in the year...I could never tire of this beautiful spectacle God creates. It's so rich with color and texture and flavor. Suddenly I crave hot chocolate and pumpkin spice...apple cinnamon...I'm under the spell of coziness. May the spell never be broken! My spirit comes alive in autumn, and the prelude to winter compels me to sing "Glory to God!"


GrandmaK said...

Again, glory be and thanks be to God!!! Wonderful post! Cathy

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

I agree - the praises belong to God.

Colleen said...

Beautiful post. Enjoyed your article on Catholic Online. Well said.


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