14 October 2009

Quilting 101

So, Quilting 101 began this week with me front and center!

The instructor taught us a lot about fabric (100% cotton) and thread and why it matters what fabric and thread you use when making a quilt. We learned about cut, fold, salvege, and bias. Bias cut is wonderful in clothing because it has the most stretch. Did you know your undies are cut on the bias? You do now.

Next, we learned that rotary cutters are dangerous! And invaluable in cutting fabrics for quilting, so you better learn how to use one carefully. Scalpels, those things are! Never use one around your kids -- they'll think it's a pizza cutter and you'll soon be on your way to the ER.

Then she had us begin cutting our fabric into the strips we'll need to start sewing next week. Yay!! So, I still haven't used a sewing machine, but I'm one step closer.

Been looking around for a machine, and I'm thinking of a Kenmore. I can get a very basic model for only $100 or something more tricked-out for about $250. Of course, there are the "Cadillac" machines that are over $3,000!! For now, I've gotta save my pennies.

Can't wait til next class! Pray that I don't sew the needle through my finger!!


GrandmaK said...

So glad you are having an enjoyable time. Is it tedious cutting the fabric? Have a grand day! Cathy

Aussie Therese said...

oh quilting scares me. I love sewing clothes but the thought of quilting and lining them all up straight frightens me.

My machine is a Janome. I really highly reccomend Janome machines. It is a dream to sew on and is in the middle range for price.

Dirtdartwife said...

I've got a Kenmore machine and LOVE it. So glad you're having fun!

The only quilting I've ever done was my patchwork quilts and it's only because I didn't have to measure or line anything up perfectly. Flaws were hidden well! :) Enjoy your class!!!

Anne said...

That would probably be me, sewing the needle through my finger! I admire your guts in taking up a new hobby, may you be greatly rewarded by it's riches!


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