28 October 2009

Pro-Life Heroes

Tuesday night I had the blessing of attending a fund-raising banquet for the Crisis Pregnancy Center in my area, and Jill Stanek was the keynote speaker! It was a fabulous evening.

Jill is amazingly gracious, funny, warm, and a very powerful speaker. She is a lovely lady with the heart of a warrior. She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.

I attended as a supporter and as a "reporter" for Catholic Online, and here's the link to my article. Please take a moment to read and share the link with all those who love LIFE.

Many thanks.


Brian said...

Dear Jennifer -

I posted your article on my blog. Hope you don't mind - it was too important not to.


Mary333 said...

I read your article on Brian's site and at Catholics online and I just wanted to thank you for using your voice for those who have no voice. Your article was powerful and full of truth. Thank you for your defense of our littlest ones.


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