23 September 2009

Thank You...

Some long overdue "thank you's" from me... (sorry they're so long overdue!)

First, I've received two very nifty blog awards from two very sweet ladies, Theresa and Sarah.

Theresa shared this one with me:

And Sarah bestowed this one:

I confess, I'm not altogether sure what "Anti-Muffin" means, but I like it! The text of the award reads:

The Anti-Muffin Award is for "bloggers who are decidedly "Anti-Muffins". Bloggers who promote what they believe without hesitation and without fear of possible negative feedback. Bloggers who don't conform to the world's standards."

Conforming is overrated anyhow!

The only trouble I have is, I'm certain all of my loyal visitors have already been given this award by someone else! So just add my name to the list of people who've crowned you a Loyal Visitor! I am always heartened and encouraged by those of you who visit often and leave your kind remarks. I'm glad to know you and the virtual welcome mat is always out for you.

Finally, I want to express to Judy how flattered I was to receive a note from her saying she'd spotlighted my blog on her Daily Blessings sight. She shared this image with me to include on my sidebar:

Thank you so much, Judy for giving me such a sweet surprise! You made my day!

Blog friends are great friends! God bless you, every one!

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