15 September 2009

Sexual Counter-Revolution

With our government on the verge of passing health care legislation that, absent explicit language placed within it prohibiting Federal funds from being used for abortion, will mandate abortion coverage paid for by you and me, I figure now's a good time for a radical discussion about sex. We'll never change the way we view abortion until we change our attitudes about sex.

It's time for a sexual counter-revolution.

The sanctity of human life from the moment of conception, throughout all of life up to and including a natural death, is the only foundation our society will ever be able to stand upon if we hope to flourish as a truly free people. It's quite obvious our foundation is crumbling. To repair it, we must go back to square one and correct our ideas about sex.

Unless we give sexual intercourse its due reverence, we'll never give human life its due reverence. The two can never be separated, as Pope Paul VI tried to tell the world in his prophetic encyclical,
Humanae Vitae. If we don't regard all life as sacred -- and thus the creative act of sex -- then we will always find ways to rationalize and justify the murder of a child as a "right."

I'm not naively suggesting that prior to 1973 people were living chaste and faithful lives and that sex was held in the highest esteem by all, always expressed within the bond of marriage. I am saying that the decision to legalize the killing of our preborn children cemented a poisonous shift in our mentality, and that poison has corroded every aspect of our society, especially our treatment of sex. We replaced responsibility with "rights" and its been a downhill race toward insatiable debauchery ever since.

One criticism I hear often from people is that I and other Pro-Life folks ignore the real cause of abortions: unexpected/unwanted pregnancies. What needs to be addressed, they say, is the "tragedy of unexpected and unwanted pregnancies." Do you see what I mean? Pregnancy is a "tragedy" - not a miracle of life. There's that poisonous shift in our thinking. The creation of a new human being is a tragedy if we didn't expect it or want it. The tragedy isn't the new life; it's our self-centered, warped perspective.

Okay then, let's address it head-on. There is a solution to the problem of nearly all unwanted and unexpected pregnancies, but it's the only one that nobody wants to talk about or consider seriously. The answer is so obvious, it just begs to be shouted out, but no one wants to do it because it's the action that requires the most of us. As soon as I say it, I'll be laughed at and called an idealistic nincompoop (or worse).
I don't care. It might not be politically correct, but it must be said!

We all know exactly how babies are made so if you are not willing to lovingly accept a child into your life, then don't have sex! Period.

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Dirtdartwife said...

excellent article and I actually look forward to revisiting the comments section. Good discussions are going to come from this one.

mbrandon8026 said...

What an awesome article. I don't know how I found your blog. Well, I do, I just can't explain it.

On my own blog, I deal with things Catholic and the Human Rights problems we have in Canada with an out of control thought police state thing going on.


I have put your blog on my blogs to watch list so others can find you too. I look forward to reading more of the Wisdom that you have been given.

God Bless You

Mary said...

Wonderful article!! Thank you!!! You are such a blessing!!

~ Judy ~ said...

Thank you Jennifer! AWESOME and SPIRIT-LED to be sure!

I would like to go a step further in the "correcting of our thoughts on sex" to say that in total surrender of our whole selves to CHRIST (and WHOLE includes the womb!) we would come to know that there is NO unexpected pregnancy for we should ALWAYS expect it if we have sex...and further that there is no unwanted pregnancy (in a world that would have the correct views on sex) for each life is WILLED by God and therefore ALWAYS a gift. (I realize at times when sinful acts have taken place...it can be difficult to SEE the GIFT...but LIFE is STILL a gift...one that God sometimes gives IN SPITE of sinfulness and perhaps in order to bring a GOOD from a BAD...to lift us back UP rather than leave us face down in sorrow)
Thanks for challenging us to think and pray and amend our thinking as a nation Jennifer! God bless you!


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