14 September 2009


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. Let perpetual light shine upon him.

14 September 2009

I'm not afraid to admit I loved Patrick Swayze. In my book, he had that old-fashioned, gentlemanly sex appeal quality that you just don't see in movie stars anymore. He was a great mix of masculine tough and melt-your-heart romantic. And oh, the man could dance! And sing! What can I say... I was a junior in high school when Dirty Dancing came out and "The Time of My Life" was the theme at the prom. My boyfriend and I danced to "She's Like the Wind" and it was the most romantic moment of my teenage life. Ah, memories... he's part of my history.

And who can forget Ghost...

He'll be missed.

My heart goes out to his lovely wife tonight. She's lost her life-mate and best friend. God bless her.

Update: Grandma K, you are SO right! I loved North and South... watched every minute. Orry Main was my favorite character. Irresistible!


GrandmaK said...

I, too, enjoyed this man's skill. I particularly enjoyed the Mini-series, North and South. Thank you for this post! Cathy

Dirtdartwife said...

He was a good man. Mine and DH's wedding song is from Ghost (although I'm sure DH would say it's from something else).

Many prayers to his wife and family.


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