13 September 2009



"Who do you say I am?"
"You are the Christ."
Mark 8:29

1. I praise God today for the faith and humanness of
St. Peter. Jesus built the rock of His church on a real, honest-to-goodness man, full of faults and weakness, yet full of passionate faith.

2. Praise God for the faith and touchable example of the
saints who left us their wisdom in writing, especially St. Francis de Sales and St. Therese. (My two current favorites.)

3. Praise God for the chance to start
a new day, to try again, to receive mercy, to be loved.

4. Praise God for our
Mother... pure, sweet, tender, strong, faithful, compassionate.

5. Praise God for
my family. We're together, everyone's healthy, we're sheltered, we're fed. We're blessed.

6. Praise God for
autumn coming soon...Oh, I can hardly stand the wait!

7. Praise God for the
waffle bowl full of chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate syrup that I ate last night. Every last bite, and I don't feel guilty.

Please join me in sharing your
Praises to God! It's wonderful to see your faithful faces each week and know you're Praising God!

I hope you have a splendid week ahead! God bless you richly... to overflowing!


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for hosting this. I have posted my praises for this week.

May the Lord walk beside you through the week, encouraging you as much as you encourage others.

~ Judy ~ said...

Thank you for hosting this meme which brings me such JOY each week!
My PRAISE! joins you here: http://thankfulwoman.blogspot.com/2009/09/praise_13.html

Gabriella said...

Praise the Lord for all these wonderful friends I have met on the internet.

Dirtdartwife said...

Praises up! With our upcoming deployment, there's much to be thankful for! :)


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