06 September 2009



"O Lord, open my lips and my mouth will declare your praise." Psalm 51:15

1. I praise God today that He opens the mouths of the mute, the ears of the deaf, and the minds of the incredibly stupid. (That would be me.)

2. I praise God today for the
BIG, beautiful butterfly the girls and I watched flitting around in my lantanas yesterday.

3. Praise God for
merciful love... merciful beyond my comprehension, beyond what I'm inclined to believe is true.

4. Praise God for
healthy kids.

5. Praise God for
quiet evenings.

6. Praise God for
homemade granola.

7. Praise God for every form of
tantalizing chocolate I can get my hands on!

What are the little things you're Praising God for this week? Big things? Share them... Praise God... and we will all be gladdened by the sharing.

Have a merciful and joyful week everyone! God's richest blessings be with you always.


Dirtdartwife said...

Got mine up! :) It's been a challenging week but one that does have praises! God bless you and your family this week!!!

Mary333 said...

I Praise God for all the wonderful blogs I get to read![And for chocolate,too, of course!]

Anne said...

I cannot fathom how you would consider yourself to be incredibly stupid when I consider you to be incredible brilliant, but I guess we've all felt that way about ourselves from time to time.

May the Holy Spirit soothe all that troubles you Jennifer!

Brian said...

I praise God for the strength He gives me - the ability to do many things - many things for Him.
I praise God for His great big heart - for His Divine ability to forgive me - and not only to forgive, but to forget. His gift of justification [just as if I had not sinned].

I praise God because HE IS GOD.

~ Judy ~ said...

My PRAISE joins you here:
And I agree with Anne in her comment above!


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