23 September 2009

Dressed for the King

Today, "Sunday best" seems to be the same as weekday casual, from the tank tops right down to the flip flops. Now, at the risk of sounding judgmental, ponder me this: if people will get all dolled-up to go out for dinner, why not dress properly for the banquet of the Lord?

...However, from where I sit, the greater issue today is not one of sloppiness, but of modesty and propriety. Too many women are, eh, revealing way too much. Pardon me if this seems uncomfortably blunt, but there's just too much skin on display at mass these days from the ladies, and it's simply inappropriate. From teenagers on up, there's an epidemic of spaghetti straps, visible lingerie, backless dresses, too-short skirts, and overt cleavage.

...Without question, we need a return to modesty in our society all around, and an excellent place to start is in church. It's a sacred moment we've come for, not a drink in a nightclub. Sexualized attire has no place in the sanctuary.

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Allison said...

I happen to agree with you, which is probably pretty rare for a 23 year old, and a Catholic convert none the less!

I know that I personally strive to dress nice each Sunday. I've made it a point to wear dresses or skirts, no slacks or shorts (unless for some reason I absolutely can't wear a skirt, like going somewhere after Mass where wearing a skirt would be uncomfortable for me)
And I also won't wear those tank tops with skinny straps. I do occasionally wear no sleeves, but I make sure they're thick straps that cover my shoulders. I know some women refuse to even wear anything close to tank tops.

I often wonder where the dressing to impress the Lord went. I kind of cringe at the matching Packer football jerseys and skirts that I'm not sure how they can even sit without showing areas that should be kept covered.

I know for some people, they get defensive when you comment on the state of casual dress at Mass. But I'm not afraid to voice my opinion. I think that showing respect for the Lord is important, and dressing nicely at Mass is a simple way to do it.

~ Judy ~ said...

Does sexualized attire have a place ANY where?
Thank you for this post...I wish I could hang it in the parish hall.
It never ceases to puzzle me...many of those people...if invited to a formal event or a five star restaurant...or even an important business gathering would not show up in outfits such as these...they would wear gowns and black tie to meet the Queen of England...so WHY not for the KING OF KINGS?!? (Unspoken and understood I hope that I am not advocating a need to wear formal gowns and black tie to Mass....but point being...if one is willing to adhere to those standards and make such an effort for a secular event...how much MORE worthwhile to make the same effort at MASS?)

~ Judy ~ said...

Hope it's ok to pop back in here and THANK DEAR ALLISON for being such a fine example for our young men and women!!!


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